Tascam DP 24 Problems – 8 Issues That You Need to Look Into

It’s very troublesome when you record in TASCAM DP 24 but the SD card gets corrupted. Or, you record a track but it contains too much noise.

All the hard work gets destroyed in seconds. That’s why it’s a must to fix these problems.  

So, how to get rid of TASCAM DP 24 problems?

There are few steps you can follow to solve the problems of TASCAM DP 24. First, you have to troubleshoot the problem and its source. You may face problems like the SD card being corrupted, and no sound after playback. Issues with the CD drivers are also common problems. 

These are only the summary of Tascam DP 24 problems. Got a minute? Let’s dive right into the details!   

What You Need To Know About Tascam DP 24

Tascam DP 24 is a portastudio where you can record 24 tracks. It can also record 8 tracks at the same time.

You can mix master like a professional using this device. Different types of FX, reverbs, delays, and amp simulations are installed in this device. 

You don’t even need a computer if you record songs on this device. It has a simple interface so that you can work here easily.

However, there are some problems that people face while using this device. We’ll talk about these problems in this article. 

But before we get into it, we have the specifications for your device here:

Input/Output RatingsConnectorRated Input Level Maximum Input Power/ Output Impedance
XLR Type (Balanced)XLR 3-31 (1:GND: HOT, 3: COLD) 14dBu±2dBu
Standard Jack Type (Balanced) 6.3MM, Standard Jack±4dBu±20dBu
Stereo Out JackRCA Pin Jack +6dBV200 Ω
Effect Sends Jack 6.3 MM, TS Standard Jack-10dBV±6dBV, 200 Ω
Monitor Out Jack 6.3 MM, TRS Standard Jack-2dBu+14dBu, 200 Ω

Check and see if the input/output setting, connectors, and all others are matching with this specification. If not, then try to adjust and check if your problem goes away. 

Still, facing the problem? Well then, let’s see some ways we can help you troubleshoot those! 

Troubleshooting The Problems

Problems like SD card failure, failing monitor control, and software issues occur in this device. We’re providing the common problems that you may face using it. Also, how to fix the problems.

The SD Card Isn’t Recognized

One of the most common problems of Tascam Dp-24 is SD card errors. The screen of the device shows “Card error format card”. Corrupted cards are the main reason behind the problem.

The most worrying part is, a corrupted card will destroy every project file.    


You have to follow 2 rules to solve this problem. The first one is buying the best quality SD cards for your device.

The other is, backing up all your recordings on your pc. As you can see, you can’t fix a corrupted SD card. So, purchasing a good quality SD card is a wise decision to make here. 

You can use this as a guide to purchasing the type according to your recording requirement.

Recording Media File System 
SD card up to 2 GB expandable SD card up to 2 GB expandable 
SDHC Card up to 32 GB (FAT 16)SDHC Card up to 32 GB (FAT 32) 

Now you have the best SD card, record your music with peace!  

No Sound After Playback

Another problem that you may face is no sound after playback. For example- facing issues while mixing the tracks. They play fine in Multitrack mode. But it fades away or drops while playing single tracks.

So let’s see how we can fix this problem.

Solution 1: Check Track Faders

The first step to solve this problem is checking the faders. See if there is any track fader turned down. If it’s turned down, rise the fader up to your suitable level.  

Solution 2: Check Stereo Fader

In case your faders are okay, you need to check the stereo fader button. Locate the stereo fader on the console. Check if it’s turned down or not.

Now, adjust the level with your suitable volume and turn it up.

Solution 3: Check Phones or Monitor Output Jack

If the stereo level is okay, it’s time to check the phones and monitor out jack. Input headphones as monitors and play the track.

Now, see if the track is playing normally or not. If the problem remains, you have a faulty Monitor out jack.

You have to replace the monitor output jack with a new one. 

Solution 4: Check Monitoring System Set-Up

If you’re using sound monitors with your device, you have to check the monitoring systems.

Locate the cables attached to your monitoring systems. Now, check if there are any faulty cables or not.

Replace the power cables to check if the cables are okay or not. Your subwoofers connected to a PC can also get damaged, so you have to look into that too.     

Solution 5: Set Monitor Level Knob To A Proper Level

After setting your monitors, turn them on. Check the gains of the tracks and adjust the monitor level. You can set the level with the big knob.

Big knobs also sometimes get damaged. If it gets damaged, you can’t level the volume. So, it’s a crucial button that will require replacing. Tascam and its knob problems are seen even nowadays. One of the prominent problems of Tascam US-16×08 is small knobs.

Just replace it and enjoy recording!

Recorded Clip Sounds Distorted

A common issue that occurs in DP 24 is that recorded clips often sound distorted. You could be recording with a Williams Allegro 2 or a Yamaha P45, but the sound could still be off.

Everyone wants natural tones in a song. But where no distortion is needed then why does it sound distorted?

Let’s see how to remove the distorted sound. We’re providing solutions for this problem. 

So, how to remove distorted sound? 

You can remove distorted sound by trimming the signals of the daw. Adjust the signals to the sweet point and then record your track. The gain level for every instrument should be adjusted. Make the sound monitor’s level 0dB output.

To make this a little simpler for you, we have a chart with the best settings. Adjusting the settings of your input and output monitor will help to fix your audio problem.

Audio Performance Input Monitor Output Monitor 
Frequency ResponseStereo Out/Effect Sends 20 Hz to 20KHz, +1dB, -1dB
Distortion Stereo Out/Effect Sends 0.01% Or Less
S/N Ratio Stereo Out/Effect Sends90dB Or More 

Now, we won’t hang you out to dry with this only. So, here’s the detailed solution down below!

Solution 1: Check INPUT A To H TRIM Knobs

The trim control is a knob that works to adjust the input and output signals. The signals enter the Tascam Dp 24 and pass through the trim tunnel. You can control every channel’s trim knob. Set the gain levels also through the trim knobs. 

Check each channel’s trim knob of the Tascam DP-24. It starts with Input A to H trim knobs.

Now check if the knobs are at the same level or not. If not, put all the knobs at the same level. It should remove the distorted sound.

The woods of the guitars also plays a vital part in the distortions. For example, mahogany wood guitars provide fewer distortions.

On the other hand, alder guitars give brighter distortions. You can compare mahogany and alder woods and use the preferred guitar. It’ll reduce some of the distortions.   

Solution 2: Check Input Source

If the knobs don’t reduce the distorted sound, you should check the input source. The source is the input where you insert the instrument wire jack.

Now, check if all the sources are giving the same sound or not. If you see a singular input is creating the problem, you have to fix that.

Remember, avoid that channel before fixing it while recording anything.      

Solution 3: Check Monitor Level

Now it’s time to see the monitor level of the Tascam Dp 24. After getting the signals, you have to adjust the monitor level.

Make your both monitor level to 0dB. Keeping the monitor level at 0dB is an important thing to do. 0dB level is the proper level of sound in the monitor. 

While you record a song, the preset frequency level stays at 44kz. Make sure it’s the same level. You can also reduce the distortions using other recording software.    

Unable to Record

When using the Tascam DP 24, you may face problems like being unable to record.

So, sometimes why won’t the track record on dp 24? 

Tracks don’t get recorded for some reason in the Tascam DP 24. For example- memory card issues, signal issues, etc. There are 2 simple steps for you so that you can fix the problem.

Many users face this issue in the beginning. Even in most Tascum DP 24 reviews this problem came up.

Solution 1: Insert A Track

First, format your SD card before recording a song. Make sure you “full format” the SD card, not a quick format.

Now, assign each track with your instruments. 1-8 tracks are set as A-H inputs by default. It means the tracks will be recorded in mono output.

Check if the SD card has any issues at all. Now, level all the tracks to 0dB.   

Solution 2: Assign Input Sources to Tracks

Now, assign the tracks, so that you can record your song now.

Do press the “Assign” button to select the track you want to record. Then, press the “source” button. It’ll make sure from where the track is routed. By following this process, you should not face any distorted signals.

Slowly turn up the faders of each channel to get a smooth sound. Set up the output monitors by pressing monitor select. Now, press the record button to record tracks.

After finishing the recording, press the stop button after a 2-3 seconds gap. 

Remember, people sometimes forget to follow these steps. That’s why they face problems with sound. Make sure you follow these to record a healthy track.

Noise Occurs After Connecting Guitar Or Bass Directly 

The recording is not an easy task to do. You have to be careful about your instruments and your DAW.

One of the common problems that musicians face is buzz sounds. It occurs when you connect a guitar or bass. 

So, why is there a buzzing sound when connected to guitar

The reasons can be ground loops, faulty pickups, fret buzz, etc. The bad news is, the noise enters the track along with the record. Just follow some steps to reduce these hums and take care of your instruments. You can prevent noises if you take care of it.  

Let’s dive into the details and learn how to fix this problem. 

Solution 1: Connect another device to the stereo output

Before recording, you have to make sure you have no faulty instrument. If you’re facing noise problems, try another guitar to check the noise.

Connect another guitar or bass and turn up the volume. You must connect it to the stereo outputs.

Find a suitable level of gain and check if there is any noise. If it doesn’t buzz, you have a faulty instrument. 

But if it still buzzes, you may have a faulty wire or jack. To ensure this, try different channels and check if there is any buzz. Avoid that input channel before you fix it.        

Solution 2: Remove Any High-Frequency Device 

Amps, fluorescent light, and transformers generate a higher amount of frequency in the room. If you’re giving takes through your amp it can create buzz sounds.

So, remove the amp and set your instrument directly to the interface. Also, remove neon lights or transformers in your area. This should remove the noise.

Solution 3: Use Ground Connector

If you still face the problem, check if your adapters are three-pin plugged or not. If not, use ground connectors in your adapter. A three-pin plug ensures that the electricity is connected to the ground. 

Now, for your connectors make sure you have the right one according to your input/output ratings. This can also be the root of your sound problem.

Control Input/ Output Ratings ConnectorFormat 
MIDI Input 5 Pin DINStandard MIDI Format 
MIDI Output5 Pin DINStandard MIDI Format 
USB PortUSB 4 Pin Mini B Type Mass Storage Class USB 2.0 High Speed 
Remote Jack2.5 MM TRM Jack 

Also, search for earthing lines in your area. You have to make sure you have an earthing line in the power source. 

The Disk Tray Does Not Open

There’s another problem that we will discuss in this article. The problem is the disc tray does not open in the Tascam DP-24.

This occurs when the CD mode is not selected properly. You can eject the disk with a pin. See there’s a little hole beside the CD drive. Insert a pin in that hole and your CD will be ejected. 

Now, let’s see how to select the correct CD mode.   

Solution: Select The Correct CD Mode

The disc won’t open unless you don’t select any CD modes in the Tascam Dp-24. Return to multitrack mode and press the CD button. Press F3 after that, your disc will be ejected. 

If you want to eject your disc, selecting the CD mode is important. It ensures the track will finalize and burn on the CD.

That’s why the CD doesn’t eject if you don’t select the CD mode.

Audio CD Won’t Play On A CD Player

Sometimes, the audio won’t play on a CD player, but it’ll play in the Tascam Dp-24. 

So, why won’t the audio work on a CD player?

You have to finalize the audio on the CD player. Unless it won’t play the audio on the CD. You can’t play the CD on normal audio players, but it will play in the Tascam DP 24.

Solution 1: Finalize the Audio CD

Let’s see how to finalize tracks on the audio CD. The first step is, insert a CD into the drive. Use JOG/Data dial to select the play/import. After that, press the F4 button. Then select multitrack mode. 

Bounce all the tracks together and import them to the CD. Then select burn in DAO (Disk at once) mode. After that, eject your CD and play it on other players.

Solution 2: Check Format

If you want to burn single tracks on the CD, you have to choose TAO mode for that. But, if you want to burn multiple tracks, you have to choose DAO mode. Also, check if the format of the bounced audios is in MP3 or WAV format.

Other devices don’t support other formats. So, you have to burn the audio in these two specified formats. 

Unable To Create An Audio CD

Sometimes users face the problem that they are unable to create an audio CD. But the good news is, there is a solution to this problem. You just have to follow 2 steps to get it done.

Solution 1: Check CD-type 

The first step is, you must make sure the CD is blank. If not, check the format of the CD. The format must be CD-R, CD-RW. You cannot use CD-R ultra-speed or CD-RW ultra fast. Tascam DP 24 doesn’t support these formats.

Also, Crosley recorders don’t support this format. It can cause many problems and at worse, might stop spinning

Solution 2: Use A Different CD type from another manufacturer 

If you still can’t create an audio CD, there’s another solution. Use the same format CD but try a different brand. This step should solve your problem. 

Here are some of the best quality CDs for you.

Now you have your CD, create your audio disk!

Still Having Issue?

If you’re still facing issues, you should check the specification of your device. See if the Tascam DP 24 is meeting your operating system’s requirements.

Windows Macintosh
Operating Requirements Pentium 300 MHz Or Faster Power PC, IMAC, G3,G4 266MHz Or Faster
128 MB Or More Memory 64 MB Or More Memory
USB Port 2.0 RecommendedUSB Port 2.0 Recommended
Recommended Host Controller Intel Chipset none
Supported OS Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Mac OS X10.2 Or Later

Why Not Try The New Model- DP 32-SD?

You can try the new TASCAM DP 32 instead of DP-24. Both devices can record 8 tracks at the same time. But the difference is you can mix 32 tracks in the DP32-SD model.

In DP-24, users could use up to 2 effects per input. You can apply 8 effects in single inputs on the DP32-SD.

There are some more differences comparing these two models. TASCAM DP32-SD has high impedance input for guitars. That’s why you will face no problems with tone qualities. 

So, you should try the DP-32 SD for its exciting features and versatility.


Is TASCAM a good brand?

Yes, TASCAM is a good brand. It has a user-friendly audio interface with high-quality sound. Although, TASCAM is a pricey device to buy. It takes 600 USD to buy one.   

What is the best multitrack recorder?

Tascam DP-32 SD is the best multitrack recorder till now. It supports 8 tracks at one time and you can mix 32 tracks together. People who don’t use DAW use this device. It gives a high-quality sound at a 44.1 Hz rate and it’s portable!  

When did the TASCAM DP-24SD come out?

The TASCAM DP-24 SD came out in 2015. It’s still a very popular audio interface people use. Artists like Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen used TASCAM DP-24.


So that’s a wrap-up! You know what TASCAM DP 24 problems are. We’ve provided the best possible solution for your problems. Until then, stay safe and record your tracks!

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