Tascam US-16×08 Problems And Their Solutions

Do you know what is frustrating and pathetic while using Tascam? When you have tried to record a whole track and find it’s not been recorded well. 

Maybe it’s because your device isn’t working properly.

So, let’s find out what possible Tascam us-16×08 problems you can face.

There can be two types of problems, hardware-related or software-related. Hardware-related problems are basically nobs that can be changed easily. Totally no sound or latency problems are software-related. Going through your user manual can be the easiest solution to set up your interface. 

We have provided detailed and easy solutions to every possible solution. That you might face while using your Tascam us-16×08.

So let’s dig in! 

2 Types of Problems with Tascam US-16×08

Tascam us-16×08 is one of the most budget-friendly USB audio interfaces. And it is a great audio interface for those who need lots of input. Because it has 8  xlr inputs in the front and 6 more inputs in the back.

Source: Amazon.com

This audio interface is enough for a drum set and even for a live band performance. But there are some common types of problems you need to be concerned with. 

All these problems might push you to the edge. And you might want to try something different. That’s why let us suggest some more interfaces. 

As per Tascam us 16×08 review some users face different kinds of issues with Tascam us 16×08 drivers.

At the same time, you can also face problems with your Tascam dp24. These are not that different.

Now let’s talk about all these problems you may face with your Tascam us 16×08. You can face two different types of problems. These problems can ruin your recording experience.

  • Hardware-related problem
  • Software-related problems 

But there are some easy solutions you can get from this article. That will help you to get the performance from your device.

Hardware Related Problem of Tascam US-16×08 [Easy Solution]

Basically, we have found very few hardware problems with Tascam us-16×08. Because most of the users have a very good review about the build quality of this device. 

But there is a problem that is commonly accepted. 

Tiny Nobs Issue of Tascam US-16×08 

Most of the users complained about the nobs of this device. The nobs are tiny and slippery which is the real problem to turn while rushing situations. 

Source: Amazon.com

That’s why most of the complainers feel these nobs annoying. 

But as a budget-friendly interface, it is quite acceptable to have this kind of nobs. Then again if you are too bothered about that, there is a simple solution.  

Solution: Change The Knobs

There are a total of 12 knobs on a Tascam us-16×08 including a line out and phones. So, you can change those knobs which are available in the market for a few bucks.

You can find the ones that are easier to turn in for you.  

After getting your interface you need to choose the right speakers for you. And whether to choose a 70V or 8-Ohm speaker can make or break your listening experience.  Because the sound quality also depends on the speakers as well.

Software Related Problem of Tascam US-16×08  [Easy Solution]

Though Tascam us-16×08 is a really popular budget-friendly interface, it has some complaints. And it’s common for any kind of audio interfaces: whether it’s an Audient iD22 or an Apollo Twin.

But some problems can not be counted as the problem of the device.

There is a common trait that windows are not that good for music recordings. So, you might face some difficulties while using your Tascam us-16×08 with windows. 

Then again we can fix some of the occurring issues.

Why don’t we see what kind of problems we can face with Tascam us-16×08? And let’s solve those in the most convenient way possible.

Tascam US-16X08 Latency and Lagging Problem

This is the most ranted problem among all the problems users face with Tascam us-16×08. There are some users who claim that they face too many Tascam us-16×08 latency problems.

This issue occurs mainly when they change channels to record different instruments. 

This problem basically happens when the interface and the software don’t match. So it basically needs some software service. 

Solution 1: Setup the ASIO 

You can use the ASIO driver set from Tascam. What can help reduce this problem? You can try the latest v4 ASIO which is a great solution for latency problems.

Here’s a video about setting up the ASIO driver-

Solution 2: Use DAW

You need to match the sample rate for Tascam. For that, you can use DAW to set the rate of the interface. Then you need to open your project. 

If you’re confused about which DAW to choose, check out the top DAWs to get. Make sure that both your mixer setting and project interface are the same. 

Solution 3: Use Tascam Software

Tascam has recently launched free audio software. This is specially intended for the podcasting industry. However, you can easily use it while making other voice content.

This will obviously complement your hardware device. As they are both from the same manufacturer.

Audio Related Problems After Changing Windows!

There’s a common problem with the audio when you change the windows. The audio can go totally mute. Sometimes you can face laggings and latency as well.

But this is not a big issue at all. Some simple steps can solve the Tascam us 16×08 no sound problem easily.

Solution: Follow the User Manual

Basically, Tascam us-16×08 has some different settings for every window. The user manual that is given in the box has all the setting instructions included. You just need to follow the settings according to the manual. 

It is completely understandable that you can lose the manual. 

But no need to worry at all. You just need to go to the Tascam website and search for the manual of Tascam us-16×08. And voila! There you have the pdf version of the user manual. 

There are also some problems with Tascam us 16×08 setup. That’s why you will need to follow your manual as well. If you can set up your Tascam well hope there will be no issues.

Source: Tascam

These are the basic problems you can face with your Tascam us-16×08. Which are not that difficult to solve if you maintain your suggestions properly. 

A Special Tip 

Always try to keep your cords and plugs clean. Because sometimes dirt can jam the inputs, which can cause unclear sound. 

But you may think that it is a problem with the interface itself. 

That’s why if you don’t find any kind of problem with the software check the inputs. Always try to keep your audio devices clean.


Does Tascam US 16×08 have phantom power?

Yes, Tascam us 16×08 has phantom power. All the eight xlr mic inputs have +48v phantom power which is switchable. That’s why you can use up to eight mics at the same time. And it gets the power from the USB connection.

Is Tascam compatible with Mac?  

Yes, Tascam is compatible with mac now. But previously it wasn’t then the Tascam engineers got attached with mac os Catalina. After that Tascam us-16×08 compatibility with mac gets even better than windows.

Are Tascam interfaces good?

Tascam builds real good interfaces on a low budget. Then again they maintain good quality. As their product is not that high-end quality there are issues. And we have discussed all the issues and the easiest solutions of those in our article.


Though Tascam is really popular among music lovers it has some issues. Tascam us-16×08 problems are not that big but they can create hustle for you. 

That’s why we have tried to solve all the possible issues you can face with Tascam us-16×08.

You can have any more queries related to Tascam or any other audio interfaces. But no worries we are here to make your confusion fed away. 

So till then enjoy your music.

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