4 Major Problems of Tascam US-4×4 Not Working!

You spent a whopping ton of cash to buy the audio setup of your dreams. Which has a mic, an XLR cable, and an audio interface that connects with the PC. If it happens to be the Tascam US-4×4, then you may have run into some problems.

Now, what are the solutions to Tascam US-4×4 not working?

Tascam US- 4×4 can stop working for both software and hardware issues. For software problems, check software and OS compatibility. Change the USB hub and port if the PC can’t recognize the setup. If you can’t hear any sound, see if the MONITOR BALANCE knob isn’t toward INPUT. If so, turn the knob to the right.

Surely, that is way short of an explanation for multiple problems. Don’t go anywhere because I will describe the solution in detail in the article. 

Let’s move on. 

Why Tascam US-4×4 is Not Working: 4 Problems

These are the problems users have come across while trying to use the Tascam US-4×4.

Disclaimer: The Tascam US-4×4 has been discontinued in North, South, and Central America. In its place, Tascam US-4x4HR has been released. The same solutions will work if you have it and your Tascam US-4x4HR not working.

Tascam US-4x4HR
Source: tascam.com

Just remember to choose ‘Tascam US-4x4HR’ on your computer/device. 

Problem 1 of 4: Trouble Installing Dedicated Software for Tascam US-4×4

Have you been incurring trouble installing the dedicated software for the Tascam US-4×4? 

The problems are either Operating system compatibility or background software issues.

Here’s how to solve the issue-

Solution 1: Investigate the operating system. It’s possible that the program you’re trying to install won’t run on the current operating system. Once more, verify that the software you’re attempting to install is compatible with the operating system.

Solution 2: Stop any background-running programs. Installation can be halted by security software and other background-running applications. Quit any background-running programs, then retry the installation.

Problem 2 of 4: Computer Cannot Recognize Tascam US-4×4

Your Tascam US-4×4 is connected to the computer but the computer can’t recognize it. The issue is caused by one of these two things. Firstly, the wrong dedicated software installation procedure. Many face this issue because of the driver.

Secondly, the connectivity problem of the USB.

So, let’s check out the solution on how to fix this issue.

Solution 1: Follow the instructions in the handbook under “Installing the Dedicated Software” to install the dedicated software. If you don’t have the manual, I provided the instructions later in this article.

Solution 2: Change the USB port, please utilize a USB 2.0. Or USB 3.0 port instead of USB 1.1 to use this device.

Tascam US-4x4
Source: tascam.com

Refrain from using a USB hub with Tascam US-4×4. Always attach the device directly to a computer’s USB port.

Connect the device to an alternative USB connection on the computer. If the aforementioned steps fail to address the issue.

Problem 3 of 4: Cannot Hear Sound Even With Computer Playback 

Even when audio is played back on the computer, you are unable to hear any sound. 

In this case, too, there are two things to look at. One is the Monitor Balance knob and another is windows/Mac.

Source: phantomdynamics.com

Let’s guide you to the solutions now- 

Solution 1:  Check the adjustments of the MONITOR BALANCE knob on the front of the device. And the Line Outputs item on the Settings Panel screen. If you can’t hear the input sound through the headsets or the LINE OUT (BALANCED) connectors.

Verify the unit’s MONITOR BALANCE knob is not completely turned to the left (toward the input). If so, move the MONITOR BALANCE knob slightly to the right of the center.

Additionally, confirm the unit’s connection to the computer’s current state. Moreover, if the following settings are used, the sound will only be delivered through this device. And not through the computer’s speakers or headphone jack. 

In case you’re a Jabra headphone user and you can’t make it work. It’s possible that your Jabra headphones aren’t working.

Solution 2:  Windows 

Refer to the Windows Media Player section later in the article and make necessary adjustments.


1. Close any running programs before selecting “System Preferences” from the Apple menu.
2. Launch “Sound.”
3. Choose “US-2×2” or “US-4×4” on the Output tab.

Restart the computer after completing the configuration, then listen to the playback sound.

You might need to change more device settings, depending on the application you’re using.

After installing the program for this unit, check the DAW driver settings first. Because DAW software specifically uses audio engines that have parameters different from the OS settings.

Please refer to the user guides for the applications you are using for specific configuration instructions.

Problem 4 of 4: Noise from Music or Sound Breaking Up

Noise and sound fragmentation are caused by the computer’s processing load.

Here are some solutions for mitigating the computer’s load – 


  • Wireless LAN and background programs frequently increase the computer’s processing burden. Programs such as antivirus software might result in sound distortion and other noise.

When using the Tascam US-4×4, turn off any background software, including antivirus and wireless LAN transmission.

In the Settings Panel of this device or the audio application, increase the buffer size (latency). (Only for Windows).

  • Adjust your computer’s settings so that they are ideal for audio processing.

Refer to the next section below for Installing the Dedicated Software for Tascam US – 4×4

Installing Dedicated Software for Tascam Audio Setup For Windows:

Before proceeding to install the software, keep this small note in mind. 

  • Before attaching the device to the computer using the USB cord, finish installing the Windows-specific software.
  • “Found New Hardware Wizard” appears if you connected the device to the computer before software installation. Shut off the Wizard and unplug the USB cord of the audio setup.

Let’s move on to the installation procedure.

Step 1:

From the TEAC Global Website, download and save the most recent Windows software. It’s specifically designed for the operating system you are using. This software will be used to operate the Tascam with the computer.

Uncompress the downloaded program (zip file) from the desktop of your computer or another location.

Step 2:

To start the installation program automatically, double-click the “TASCAM US- 2×2 US-4x4_ Installer x.xx.exe” file in the folder that emerges after compression.

Step 3:

Click “Yes” when a screen pops up written with “Security Warning” or “User Account Control”. Click “Next” when the Setup Page screen displays.

Step 4:

If you accept the terms after reading the License Agreement, click “I accept the agreement.” otherwise. then press the “Next” key. Click the ‘install’ button when it appears. This will start the installation procedure. 

A screen will appear after finishing the installation. Click on the ‘finish’ button. This will launch the application on windows. 

Installing Dedicated Software for Tascam US-4×4 For Mac:

You are intending to use your Tascam US-4×4 with Mac OS.

Below is the installation procedure for your audio interface on a Mac device – 

Step 1:

From the TEAC Global Website (http://teac-global.com/ ), download the most recent Mac-specific software.

Tascam US-4x4 with Mac OS

This software is to be used with the MAC OS you are using. Save the file on the PC that you will use with the interface.

Step 2:

Double-click “US-2×2 US-4×4 Installer. pkg” inside the folder that appears when you double-click “US-2×2 US-4×4 Installer.dmg,” the saved disk image file for the Mac-specific software.

Click the “Continue” button when the installer begins. Next, choose the preferred language and press “Continue.”

Step 3:

Examine the terms of the Software License Agreement by clicking the “Read License” button. Click “Agree” if you accept the license’s terms. Click the “Next” button after that.

After that, click “Install” to begin the installation process. After the installation is complete, a window will show up. Click “close.”

Finalizing the Software Installation:

After installing the software, the device driver will be installed for the first time. It’s when you connect the device via USB to a computer. 

Because it will be scanned by Windows update on its own. It will take a while until the computer identifies the interface.

If the device is still not recognized, click “Skip acquiring driver software from Windows Update”. This will end the search on the software installation page. You’ll find this in the notification area to the right of the bottom of the screen.

How Do You Use A Tascam 4×4?

Now that I’m done talking about the Tascam US-4×4 troubleshooting, I’ll take a step back. 

Let’s talk about how to use a Tascam US-4×4. Because if you properly know how to use the device, it’ll be easier to detect problems. This goes the same for finding problems of Tascam Dp -24.

First of all, connect the audio setup to your computer with a USB-C cable. Try to use good cables such as Anker USB C Cable or AINOPE USB C Cable. These cables are braided and will last for a long time.

Then you’ll have to install the driver to use the setup on the PC. Refer to the previous section for the driver installation procedure. 

If you’re a Mac user, the Tascam US-4×4 will be ready to use right after connecting. 

Now you can route your system audio through the interface. The audio interface will put out much higher sound. Allowing you to listen to music and watch videos as well.

Now set up the windows system audio with the Tascam US-4×4 interface. For that, enter the settings. Go to the settings menu, find ‘system’ and click on it, then go to ‘sound’. There’s a drop-down menu for both output and input. 

Select the interface from here. And now sound from the computer is being routed through the interface. The new US-4×4 comes with a Cubase LE. Which is a fantastic DAW to work with. 

You can also connect either the mother DAC or amp with the interface.

To start recording with Tascam US-4×4, install Cubase LE. After installing the software, create a new project. Then click on the studio tab and then studio setup. 

Click on the VST Audio system and select the US-4×4 interface from the drop-down menu. And now your interface is set up with Cubase. Now all of your software has been set up. 

Set up a new channel in Cubase and set the input into input 1. Plug a microphone with the XLR cable and get some mic signal routed. Switch on the mic line and switch on 48V Phantom power. 

To deliver current to the mic, turn the monitor balance knob to input. Slowly adjust the input knob to get a decent signal. 

You’ll see audio input on your Cubase now. You’re ready to go for music creation!

So, that’s about it for the TASCAM US 4×4 issues. However, if you face any USB problems regarding Tascam 1800, you have to look elsewhere!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Tascam US 4×4 Have Phantom power?

The Tascam US 4×4 has Phantom power. The microphone input has a professional XLR connector that provides condenser microphones with +48V phantom power. Turn the switch to +48V to activate. The US-4×4 stays put on the desk even when you move Mics about. Because it is constructed of high-duty metal.

Does Tascam Work With Mac?

Tascam US-4×4 works perfectly with Mac. Tascam engineers installed CoreAudio, an integrated driver from Apple. The Settings Panel installer complies with all of Apple’s most recent security requirements. Previously, Tascam drivers were not compatible with Mac and Apple devices. 

How Do I Connect Tascam to The Interface?

Scroll down to Software on the TASCAM 208i or 102i download page. Select the OS-specific Settings Panel download. Extract the installer there, then open it after going to your Downloads folder. Launch the Settings Panel control panel after you’ve connected your interface to your computer.


That wraps up everything on what to do when Tascam US-4×4 not working. The solutions should solve your problem. 

And in case the solutions don’t work out, contact the TEAC team. They’ll look further into the problem. 

Until then, best of luck creating music with your Tascam audio setup!

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