Thomas Pacconi Record Player Troubleshooting – Solved!

Thomas Pacconi record players have many problems that go unsolved because of how old it is. No one usually focuses on these old classics anymore. 

But I am here with my take on Thomas Pacconi record player troubleshooting.

Thomas Pacconi record players have three major issues. They are music slowing down, static noise, and finally no power issue. Their solutions include replacing the motor, the stylus, and the belt. Fortunately, the parts are still available.

Now, unfortunately, the Thomas Pacconi Record Player guide does not include the problems or the solutions. So I will go on with analyzing how common this issue is. 

The Issues Analysis of the Thomas Pacconi Record Player

The Thomas Pacconi Classics record players are still used by a few despite being older than most. When even modern turntables like the Rega Planar 3 are not free from issues, you really can’t expect Thomas Pacconi record players to be free from the. the problems are numerous and the solutions are few because of how old it is. 

However, that does not mean modern turntables don’t face any issues. Some certain Yamaha models face many issues as well. 

The pie chart below will give you a good idea of the Thomas Pacconi record players’ situation. 

Thomas Pacconi Record Player pie chart

This chart is based on the few reports that I found on the forums and websites. 

According to the reports, only a few users solved the issues but did not share the solutions. A little unaltruistic if you ask me, but don’t worry. I have a few tricks that could potentially solve the issues. 

Let’s take a glance at the issues and the solutions to knowing what you’re getting into.  

Quick Solutions For The Thomas Pacconi Record Player

Here’s a glance at the predominant Thomas Pacconi problems along with their solutions-

Thomas Pacconi Record Player ProblemsSolutions
Music Speed Slowing Down Check The Motor and The Belt, Replace the problematic one.
Static Noise/ Cracking NoiseCheck The Stylus and Replace it.
No Power IssueCheck The Motor and the PCB, Replace either if need be.

I will now perform an in-depth analysis of these problems so you don’t have to. Let’s start with that.

Thomas Pacconi Record Player
Source: Reverb

Phase 1: Dissecting The Issues

The Thomas Pacconi Classics is a relic still treasured by many. That is why people go to lengths to any issues that crop up in the record player. Thomas Pacconi 1900 to 2000 classic record players can face all these problems.

I will attempt to help those people, in other words, you. I will dissect the issues one-by-one to come up with the best solution for each. 

Problem 1: Music Speed Slowing Down

This is by far the most common issue with the record player that I have noticed. More than many users are still suffering from this issue. But throughout all the cases, I have pinpointed some common reasons for you-

  • Motor Problem. Usually, if the motor wears out, it starts slowing down. When the motor starts slowing down, the music speed starts slowing down as well. This is why it’s a rather common reason for the issue. 
  • Belt Problem. Much like the motor, the belt also gets worn out gradually. In the case of the belt, it loses elasticity. That results in the record spinning slowly and hence, the music slowing down. 

This pretty much sums up why your Pacconi Classic record player is playing the music slowly. 

Problem 2: Static Noise/Cracking Noise

This is the most annoying issue the record player can have. All your music will have a static noise/cracking noise while playing. 

Additionally, this issue has some lasting consequences. Your record might get scratched from this. You might even lose your music to this problem. 

The reason for this issue is basically a problematic stylus. The stylus puts more pressure on the records and causes these noises. 

But because it puts more pressure on the record disks. It ends up scratching them consequently. If it did scratch or warp your vinyl disk, then I can think up a few solutions.  

Problem 3: No Power Issue

This issue can render your record player inoperable. You simply won’t be able to play anything with it. While that sounds like the end of their record player for a few, it really is not. 

The problem, in this case, lies with the motor or voltage control. A bad motor can often fail to supply power. The same goes for failing voltage control. Your record player will stop working. 

Now I’m done with dissecting the problems. Now I will attempt to provide solutions for these problems in the next phase.

Thomas Pacconi 1900
Source: Julien’s Live

Phase 2: Solving The Issues

Thomas Pacconi’s record players are vintage and you don’t want them to get ruined. Here’s someone sharing a vintage Thomas Pacconi record player.

I am finally at the part where I actually attempt to find a solution to your problems. Not all your problems, but problems specific to the Thomas Pacconi record player. Some problems even share a solution. Let’s now start with the solutions-

Solution 1: Motor Replacement

The motor is one of the main culprits behind the multiple problems of the beloved record player. At the same time, I do not blame the motor. Since age does do a number to the best of us. 

Your Thomas Pacconi record player can be wobbly for the faulty motor. So, how to fix a wobbly record player? 

The answer to fixing a wobbly record player is replacing the motor. Also, replacing the motor could potentially solve two problems. The slow music speed issue and the no power issue can be solved through the replacement. 

Replacing the motor of a record player is not something you can do at home. I would recommend you go to an expert for it. 

However, there are a few things you can do before sending the old motor away for replacement. They are- 

  • Check the motor thoroughly if electricity passes through with a multimeter. 

If the problem is truly in the motor then- 

  • Buy another motor which fortunately does not cost too much. Then take it to a professional to have the motor replaced. 

If the problem isn’t in the motor, there is a second solution I will talk about today. In other words, belt replacement. 

Solution 2: Belt Replacement

Belt problems with older record players are common too because the belt gradually loses its elasticity. Because of that, the belt gets worn out gradually. 

A worn-out belt usually results in your music slowing down. Similar to solution 1, just test out your motor. If that’s not the issue, then the belt is. 

Afterward, just buy a new belt and get your old one replaced. That’s how you’ll have a fully functioning Thomas Pacconi record player again. 

Solution 3: Stylus Replacement

Stylus’s problem may not be the most common one, but it sure is the most serious one. Because a faulty stylus can and will scratch your vinyl. Sadly, the Thomas Pacconi record player needle isn’t officially available anymore.

Albeit, you can buy a compatible stylus for your Thomas Pacconni record player. Some of those are recommended stylus.

You can get Emmonland Stylus for Thomas Pacconni’s record player. You can check the price on Amazon.

If that didn’t check your list then Ywhomal stylus. You can check for availability on Amazon.

Another compatible stylus is the Gartopvoiz stylus. You can check price on the Amazon.

So what you have to do here is something you could never think of. Yes, that’s right, replace the stylus. 

It follows the same sequence. Buy a new stylus, and get it replaced. You need to be careful when choosing the stylus for your turntable. 

That’s basically it for the solutions! Now I’ll answer some frequently asked questions before concluding the article.

Thomas Pacconi record player needle
Source: OfferUp

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Worth it to Fix Thomas Pacconi Record Players?

The short answer is no. The only plausible reason to repair an old player like that would be the sentimental value. 

Where Can I Find the Replacement Parts of Thomas Pacconi Record Players?

You can get replacement parts easily on Amazon as well as many other online shopping platforms. 

How Can I Prevent My Record Player From Getting Damaged?

Take good care of it and perform regular maintenance. That’s my takeaway from years of experience. 


I hope that now you know all about Thomas Pacconi’s record player troubleshooting. Thomas Pacconi’s record players are yet beloved by only so many. They are the only ones trying to fix the once-popular line of record players. 

I hope I could help them along with you to solve the problems you faced with it. 

How about it? Did the article help you solve your problems? Let me know in the comments below. 

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