Tidal Not Showing on Android Auto: Here Is What to Do!


The app, tidal is a great one to play music on the cars. But if it somehow shows any issues, it becomes really annoying. No one wants any disruption while enjoying and feeling the music. 

So, why is the tidal not showing on android auto?

Tidal not showing on android auto might be due to Android auto app not being updated. However, if the Tidal app is disabled anyhow, there would be issues too. There is also a chance that the app might get disabled automatically. Lack of proper installation is another cause for it.

You do not have the full info about your concern yet. 

But we got here what you need in detail. You can get every detail to resolve the issue!

So, let’s get started!

Why Is the Tidal Not Showing on the Android Auto?

You know tidal not showing on the android auto is not that uncommon. It is something that some users go through at times. 

However, this is not a very common issue either. That’s because Tidal has already added compatibility with android auto.

So, do not take it lightly if Tidal is not showing. Instead, you can study the reasons for it. And then you can come to a solution to resolve the issue.

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So, here are the reasons for the tidal app issues on android auto. Let’s take a look.

Reason 1: The Android Auto App Not Updated

A very obvious reason for tidal app issues is backdated android auto. If you wonder how to update the android auto app, it’s simple. 

You can just update the android auto app like you do the other ones.

If you have not updated once it gets new updates, there might be issues. And some of the updates are a must for this app.

So, not getting a few important updates might result in this issue. For a rough idea, this app gets new updates in a few months generally.

However, this might vary from time to time.

Quick Solution

Update the android auto app from time to time when needed. And if you are using moon drop aria, the upgrade of Moon Drop Aria would be far easier.

Reason 2: Tidal App Being Disabled

Another factor behind this issue is the disability of the tidal app. You know sometimes an app isn’t launched for so long.

And that is when an app may get disabled somehow. Because there are mechanisms of the app getting disabled if being inactive for a long time.

So, that is how the Tidal app may also get disabled if not used for a long time. That’s why you may see the Tidal app not showing on android auto.

Quick Solution

Enable the Tidal app if it is disabled. While enabling it, remember one thing. Because some people are too excited and play music too loud. But too loud music may break your headphones!

Reason 3: Tidal App Is Not Properly Installed

An obvious reason for this problem is a well-known one. Not all apps are simple to download and install on your device. 

While installing those programs, you must also allow enough time. And you must ensure the conditions too. We may say that the Tidal app is one of them. 

A similar problem can also cause the Fiio x1 to fail from turning on.

There will be problems if you do not complete the installation process properly. This would most likely prevent the program from running or starting. 

Even if the app begins to run, it will eventually hang or halt. Thus, the proper installation of the Tidal app is very necessary.

Quick Solution

Make sure you install the Tidal app properly.

What to Do to Fix The Tidal Issues on Android Auto?

There is not much you need to do to fix this. However, a few common solutions would be enough to resolve this, fortunately. So, take a look here.

Solution 1: Restart The App

You may still see that the app doesn’t start although there are no significant issues. In that case, you need to restart the app. You may see the app crashing often and it would help that.

You can restart both apps if you want. But restarting the tidal app is a must in that case. Whether the tidal app hangs or does not start, just close and restart it.

Once you do it, you would hopefully be able to run the app smoothly.

Solution 2: Check for Updates

Once you start the app, you may see that it suddenly stops appearing. Or sometimes, it might hang without a reason. 

So, this might be due to the lack of updates on the app. Go to the play store and check if you have got any missing updates. The app generally gets the updates itself.

However, if it fails to do so, you can check on the play store and do it. If you want, you can also reinstall the app too.

Just go to the application settings.  Then click on the Tidal app and you will get the uninstall option. Once you click on that the app would be uninstalled.

After that, you can reinstall the app to run it smoothly on the android auto.

Solution 3: Take Professional Help 

You know sometimes things are not in our hands or reach. In that case, we need someone to help with the issue.

So, if you think none of the solutions or factors are feasible, you would need help. You can contact a tech-savvy person to reach out for a solution to this.

But this would include a charge. You need to spend a bit to hire an IT-savvy person. But you can surely get a solution to it.

So, these are the solutions that you would need to go through.

Apart from all of these solutions, you can also use some external devices. Like DACs. Using a DAC on your car can make the audio much clean and distortion-free. DACs along with android auto can be very soothing.

In case you’re confused about the best DACs out there, here’s our recommendation on that.

You can choose from the DACs to enhance sound quality on android auto. The experience of tidal would become much more smooth with these.

What Are A Few Alternatives to The Tidal App?

Although we count on the Tidal app, you might still wonder about its alternatives. Well, there are actually a few alternatives to the Tidal app too.

Take a look at these apps.

  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • SoundCloud
  • Tune In Radio
  • Prime Phonic
  • Funk Whale

These are the few alternatives to the Tidal app you may like. Remember that, moving to a new app without any need is not that recommendable.


Can I install the Tidal App anytime?

Yes, you can install the third-party app, Tidal anytime you want. And you can get this excellent app for absolutely zero bucks. In fact, you may also reinstall the app if you ever uninstall the app anyway. Remember this is one of the best music apps you would find.

Can I use the Tidal app to play songs on any car?

Yes, you can use the Tidal app to play songs on any car. Starting from budget-friendly to expensive ones, this app is good to use. And if you are trying to play songs in your friend’s car, you can do that too. But ensure to have got a USB cable.

How to get the Android auto on my car?

You can get the android auto app on your car in 2 steps. The first thing you can do for this is to install the app. You can install it from the play store just like you do the other apps. And then you can use a USB to connect from the phone.

The Bottom Line

Now you know why tidal not showing on android auto!

We hope you have no more confusion regarding this issue. And you also got the necessary solution that you need.

Good Luck!

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