Vandersteen 2C Vs 2CE Vs 2CE Signature: Choose the Ultimate One!

Without addressing Vandersteen, it would be deficient in our discussion of high-performance audio equipment. 

Vandersteen is one of the most prestigious names in sound systems worldwide. Their 2C series is a best-seller.

Speaking of 2C speakers, you might think, “Which one to buy among Vandersteen 2C vs 2CE vs 2CE signature?”

Among the Vandersteen 2C, 2CE and 2CE Signature, the Vandersteen 2C has more bass. So, this makes it a popular choice among music fans. Both the Vandersteen 2CE and the 2CE Signature offer tighter and flatter bass than their predecessors. In contrast to the 2C, the 2CE boasts an upgraded tweeter. However, the price is on the higher side for 2CE.

That’s the summary. We will dig deep and compare the three speakers to find out which one is the best.

Stick with us till the end to find your best fit.

Key Takeaways

Vandersteen 2CVandersteen 2CEVandersteen 2CE Signature
ProsCan produce 88dB/W/m.Listed at a cheap price.Accurate Sound Reproduction.Versatile frequency response.Versatile crossover frequency.A great low impedance speaker.
ConsSound can get cracked after a while.It is somewhat expensive.Produces lower sound compared to other models.

Vandersteen 2C VS 2CE VS 2CE Signature: Quick Comparison

Speaking of high-performance loudspeakers, the Vandersteen brand comes out on top. Before we jump into the three-way comparison, let’s see this quick info table.

Aspect Vandersteen 2CVandersteen 2CEVandersteen 2CE Signature
Crossover Frequencies500Hz and 4.5kHz 600Hz and 5kHz600Hz and 5kHz
Sensitivity88dB/W/m 88dB/W/m 86dB/W/m
Frequency Response32Hz-17.025kHz ±1.5dB, 28Hz-20.125kHz ±3dB28HZ -20.125Khz at + or – 3db.29Hz-29kHz, ±3dB, 32Hz-21kHz, ±1.5dB
Nominal Impedance7.8 ±1 ohms7 ohms nominal, 5 ohms minimum7 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum

Now, you have got the numbers, let’s jump to a detailed comparison. It will help you get a clear concept.

Vandersteen 2C

Vandersteen 2C Vs 2CE Vs 2CE Signature: Detailed Comparison

Vandersteen is a reputed loudspeaker brand. In fact, they are a respected brand worldwide. Professionals, record studios, and mastering labs use Vandersteen speakers on a daily basis.

The 2C series is the most sold speaker series of the brand. We will be comparing three of Vandersteen’s all-time best-seller, the 2C, 2CE, and 2CE Signature. Fair warning, the Vandersteen 2CE vs 2CE signature has few significant differences.

Although, despite being loudspeakers, these are ideal for small and medium rooms. Hence, if you are looking for a speaker for a big room, you can try the JBL 4311 or 4311B speakers.

We have compared the major aspects of these speakers. It will help you understand the speakers better. You will be able to pick the right one for you as well.

Crossover Frequencies:

In all loudspeakers, the crossover frequency is very important. But, what does crossover frequency mean for speakers?

By acting as a filter, the crossover frequency keeps undesirable frequencies from reaching a speaker. This is really helpful since it enables us to give each speaker a specific group of frequencies. Those speakers will play the most effectively and efficiently. Crossovers aid in sound quality by keeping speakers from reaching their resonance frequencies.  It is essential for creating accurate frequency responses. 

They also prevent damage to the speakers themselves. In this context, “frequency” refers to the rate at which one or more drivers cause the enclosure around them to vibrate. 

Some tones may be amplified and distorted by resonant frequencies, while others may be muffled. Speaker is designed to filter out the vibration-inducing frequencies of sound.

In case of crossover, The 2CE, and 2CE Signature models edge out the 2C model. Both of them have frequency crossovers at 600Hz and 5kHz. This is better than the 500hz and 4.5khz crossover frequency of 2C.

Winner: This winner title will be shared between the 2CE and 2CE signatures.


To grasp the idea of a speaker’s sensitivity, the microphone must be placed one meter in front of the speaker. Also, just one watt of power is being sent from the amplifier. 

The sensitivity of a speaker can be determined by measuring its output in decibels. Sound quality is negatively affected by poor speaker sensitivity at around 84 dB. 88 dB is the normal range of sensitivity. 

Hence, the higher the sensitivity, the better the sound quality. The sensitivity of the Vandersteen 2C and 2CE is the same. Both equal out at 88 dB, the norm. 

However, despite being the more expensive one, the 2CE Signature has a lower sensitivity of 86 dB, which makes them a bit low on sound quality.

Winner: The winner’s crown will be shared by 2C and 2CE for the same sensitivity rating.

Frequency Response:

You will always want to know how well a speaker can reproduce sound. One of the most crucial metrics to look at is its frequency response. 

It measures how well a speaker can reproduce frequencies between 20 hertz (Hz) and 20 thousand hertz (kHz). A speaker’s sound profile can be gleaned from its frequency response accuracy graph.

Frequency response is typically represented graphically as a line. The sound produced by this line is best when it has as few spikes as feasible. 

In fact, the average human ear can pick up on variations as slight as one decibel, particularly in the midrange. In particular, those accustomed to listening to music on high-quality loudspeakers will notice these distinctions.

The wider the frequency response, the better the sound production. The frequency response of Vandersteen 2CE Signature ranges from all 28 Hz to 125 kHz. This is the highest range any of the 2 series speakers can offer.

On the other hand, the frequency response of Vandersteen 2C is 32Hz-17.025kHz. Whereas, the frequency response of Vandersteen 2CE is 28HZ -20.125Khz. So, clearly, the Vandersteen 2CE Signature is way ahead.

You can get a crisp and accurate frequency response by using the right connector. Below, some of the best connectors for Vandersteen 2 models are given below.

The Plugs required to connect Vandersteen 2 Models
Source: Pinterest

Winner: The winner will be Vandersteen 2CE for its vast frequency response.

Nominal Impedance:

Nominal impedance denotes how difficult the speaker is to power. This rating is given in ohms. All speakers have an impedance rating.

The impedance of a speaker determines how well an electric signal is. The music itself can travel through it. The lower the impedance, the better the sound quality. 

Most speakers are rated between 4 and 8 ohms. Speaking of impedance, the Vandersteen 2CE signature shines out. It has a nominal impedance of 7 ohms with a minimum of 4 ohms. 

On the other hand, the 2C and 2CE have a nominal impedance of 7 ohms and a minimum of 5 ohms.

Winner: The winner will be Vandersteen’s 2CE signature for its low impedance.


Pricewise, the 3 models are not so far apart. However, as a basic model, the 2C is priced relatively lower than the other two.

The 2C comes at a price of $1125 per pair. This is $300 cheaper than the cost of 2CE and 2CE signatures. 

The 2CE signature has the highest price, at around $1495 per pair. The 2CE is priced at $1420 per pair.

Winner: The 2C will win this battle for its relatively lower price as it is a base model.

Which One is Better? 

All three of the Vandersteen speakers are pretty good in terms of quality. They are preferred by professionals and studios alike. All of these are worth it like Dolby. Here is someone sharing the Vandersteen model 2.

However, the 2CE signature phases out the other two models significantly except for sensitivity. It has better crossover frequency, frequency response, and impedance. Between Vandersteen 2C vs 2CE signature, the 2CE signature is miles ahead.

If you do not have any problems with money, pick the 2CE signature. It is of the highest possible quality. But, is getting 2CE worth it? Which one performs better Vandersteen 2C vs 2CE?

The Vandersteen 2CE compared to 2C has a wider frequency range. So, the sound will be more accurate and loud than the 2C. Nevertheless, the 2CE and 2C are both high impedance speakers compared to the 2CE signature. So, you may need more power to operate these speakers. Also, the 2C and 2CE speakers share the same crossover frequencies.

However, if you are on a tight budget, pick the 2C. It will still provide decent sound quality.

Vandersteen 2CE
Source: Reverb

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Loudspeakers Sound Better in Boxes?

In most cases, a speaker will sound better when enclosed in a box. In reality, the cavity of your space is where you should install the majority of your speakers. However, we really doubt that a tweeter will be affected by a box. Mounting on an enclosure is sufficient for most uses.

Why Is 80 Hz The Best Crossover?

Most listeners have trouble pinpointing bass below 100 Hz. The 80Hz crossover assures that very few people will be able to pinpoint the source of the sub-bass. Many would feel that the level of realism is being compromised if the crossover was increased.

For What Reason Do Vandersteen Speakers Sound Better When Moved Away From The Walls?

Any speaker will benefit from being placed away from walls to provide a more open and airy sound. Vandersteen speakers are built with a focus on resolving the issues of energy storage and reflection. Most Vandersteen speakers include baffle-less enclosures. These are intended to prevent time smearing caused by reflections off of walls.


That will be all from our side on Vandersteen 2C vs 2CE vs 2CE signature. Whichever you buy, make sure you clean and maintain them properly.

Do not keep your speakers in direct sunlight for a long time. And don’t forget to wire them properly.

See you soon.

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