What Size Amp Do I Need For Different Powered Subs?

Picking up the best sub in the market is only half of the work. What’s the other half?

Choosing the right size amp to power your favorite subwoofer. You may have a clear idea about subs but don’t know much about amps.

That’s why there’s so much confusion about matching your subs and amps. And you might be asking yourself-

What size amp do I need for different powered subs?

The answer depends on your subs configuration. If you have a sub with a 300 watts rating, you can go for a 2 or 4 ohms load. You can use a mono amp from good brands such as Alpine, JL Audio. However, for multiple subs with different specs, you’ll need to consider some other factors.

Are you dying to know what those other factors are? Then, don’t wait and read on!

2 Basic Things to Know for Matching Your Subs & Amps

It’s not enough just to pick up a random amp without checking the compatibility. That’s why it’s important that you know about some basic concepts before you start matching. 

There are some amp and sub matching tools available. But you won’t need it if you know these two things-


Impedance is very synonymous with resistance and even the unit is the same. The electrical resistance that your sub faces in the flow of current are called impedance. The impedance directly affects your amplifier’s load.

So, you will increase your amp’s load capacity through its impedance. 

Suppose, you have 2 550-watt subs wired together. Then, the impedance comes at a rating of 4 ohms. So, the amp senses a resistance of 4 ohms at its output.

The mainstream subs tend to have a general impedance of 2 or 4 ohms. When you’re using one or two subs, the impedance calculation is quite easy. 

However, it gets tough when more than two subs are wired or channeled together.

RMS Rating

What does an amplifier do? It channels the power through the subwoofers. While the job of the amplifier is simple, the power delivery is not. 

RMS rating means the constant rate of power the sub is able to manage. If there’s a surge of too much power, the waves get clipped. Thus creating distortion in sound coming from your subwoofers.

So, you can already guess how crucial this factor is in choosing your right amp. Amps also have an RMS rating which indicates the range of power production. 

Therefore, the power and the ratings are very important to know.

Which Amp Size to Choose?

Don’t you think some clear suggestions about amp size will help you to decide? If so, you’re just at the right place. Here, you’ll get to know all about what amp to use for different powered subs. 

So, let’s get started with this power amp size discussion!

Best Amp Size for A Single 1000W Sub

Let’s begin with a very common type of sub which is 1000W in a single setup. Suppose you’re using a power bass sub that has a power rating of 1000W. 

Now, you’re looking for a decent amp to match your sub’s needs.

For a sub with those specs, you’ll get decent performance from a mono 1000W amp. However, you can bump up the RMS of your amp if you want. Because delivering a bit higher power to your sub will ensure a more booming sound.

Also, check the impedance of the sub and amp before you purchase anything. Assuming the impedance is around 4-ohm, a single 1000-watt amp will suffice.

Source: Amazon.com

Here are some of the best products that will match the sub-

While there are more subs out there, you will be completely satisfied with these two. But if you’re looking more something else, head on to the next segment.

Best Amp Size for 2 800W Subs

Now, let’s get down to business with two 800W subs and how to amplify them. For starters, if both are from the same brand and specs, the setup becomes easier. 

Because then they will have equal power distribution and RMS rating.

However, you do need to know the impedance. If they are at 4-ohm, then a single channel subwoofer amp with 800W RMS will do. You can go for 1/4th more of the power output to get the best results. But don’t go too far.

Here are some of the ideal amps that will match your sub’s requirements.

You can also go for double channel bridged amps that will reach the power output. 

Best Amp Size for 4-ohm SVC Sub

It’s time to spice up the discussion a little. While you looked at amps for different powered subs, the ohm rating is equally crucial. 

So, let’s look at the best category for amps to support 4-ohm SVC.

A 4-ohm SVC sub will work best with a two-channel amp. These types of amps will fit your budget easily while ensuring clear sound. Two amps will deliver better output than a single mono amp.

In that regard here are our picks of 2 channel amps.

So, it’s better to choose 2-channel amps from any famous brand. Cadence amps are good in this regard. The same goes for Yamaha or JL.

Best Amp for Two 12 Inch Subs

Whether you’re donning two or more subs, the rating can’t be ignored. Just knowing the sub coil size won’t help much. 

Suppose the subs have a rating of 1500W with a relatively low impedance of 2-ohm. Then, a single 4-ohm amp will work.

Also, you can buy two 2-ohms amps with a total 1500W+ rating. Both options will serve you some good-quality audio without any hitch.

Some of the best amps in this range are made by Yamaha, Crown, and so on. They can get decently loud with a thumping bass to complement it. However, make sure to pick something from those brands after you know everything.

Otherwise, you may encounter minor distortion in high volume due to power mismatch.

Here are my top recommendations for two 12 inch subs-

You can check the JBL stadium series amplifiers if you want to. They are quite reliable in making your car a live concert ground.

So, that’s the overall summary of all the different powered subs. Now, you are ready to decide on a product of your liking! Feel free to choose one that you truly believe in.


How Do I Find My Amp’s Power Range?

You can look at the Sub’s specs and match its power output. All the amps have a certain power range which starts from RMS watts 1 ohm. Usually, the calculation can be done with different amps sizes from 1-4 ohm. Then, after calculating the range, you can decide which rating you want to reach.

What’s the Best Amp Size for Two 10-inch Subs?

Two 10-inch subs will do fine with a mono amp setup. However, to get an exact match, you need to know the impedance and RMS rating. Because you need to match the subs’ total power output. So, check what is the power and impedance of your subs. Then, find an amp that will complement your subs.

What’s the Best Amp Size for 2 1200 Watt Subs?

The best amp size can be either a single amp setup or a bridged channel. It’s best to pick something that has an RMS rating of 250-300 watts per channel. Also, check the impedance before picking your favorite brand’s amp. You can check out popular offerings from JBL, JL Audio, and so on.


That’s everything I had on what size amp do I need for different powered subs? Still, the setup of your car audio can get more complicated when bridging multiple subs. 

So, decide your pick after you know your car audio system well.

Now, go ahead and amplify your car’s sound!

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