Why Does My Bluetooth Speaker Keep Beeping? – 12 Easy Fixes!

Bluetooth speakers being an amazing invention for musicoholics, can sometimes be annoying.

There are cases where the speaker makes beeping sounds apart from giving any alerts to the user. This is considered a malfunction.

So the question asked by many is- “Why Does my Bluetooth Speaker Keep Beeping?”

Your Bluetooth speaker keeps beeping as an alert for low battery. It also beeps for connectivity issues or receiving high/low voltage. It can be solved by resetting, updating firmware, and clearing Bluetooth pairing.

Well, these were only some of the issues for which the speaker keeps beeping. There’re many other factors to be considered. We’ll mention these in detail in our article.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig right in!

Is it a Problem if Bluetooth Speakers Keep Beeping?

It’s more of an indication of certain events rather than a problem if the Bluetooth speaker keeps beeping. The sound somewhat resonates with popping noise from subwoofers.

For instance, a Bluetooth speaker can beep to indicate a low battery or failed connection. But, it also beeps in order to indicate that the battery is fully charged.

So, it’s not always a problem if the Bluetooth speaker keeps beeping. You just have to identify what it’s indicating.

Diagnosing the Beeping Sound

The beeping sound in the Bluetooth speaker can mean a bunch of things.

In this segment, we’re gonna talk about the indications that a generic Bluetooth speaker gives through beeping. These are not major issues rather some status updates.

For instance, most speakers make 3 consecutive beeps after connecting. These indications of course vary from brand to brand.

Yet these are some of the most common ones. Let’s see-

Beeping SoundIndication
Repetitive Low BeepingLow Battery 
3 Back to Back BeepsAfter Getting Connected
4 Beeps(High to Low)Turned Off
4 Beeps( Low to High)Turned On

So make sure to check if the beeping matches with the indications mentioned. If they do, there’s nothing to be afraid about.

Are there Other Issues Indicated Through Beeping?

Now, there can be many other issues than what we mentioned for beeping. These issues can cause constant beeping of the device. Let’s see these issues in detail-

Beeping While Charging 

Bluetooth speakers are usually not designed to beep while charging. But it’s sometimes seen to beep while it’s in charge.

This happens when there’s an issue with the power connection or the cable is loosely fitted. Let’s have a look-

Faulty Cable

If the USB cable is loosely fitted to the speaker or the adapter, it can cause constant beeping. This is in a sense, an advantage for the users. They can know if the USB cable needs to be changed or not.

In order to be sure that this is the problem, try another USB cable to check if it’s faulty. Also, adjust the USB cable accordingly in the adapter or the speaker if it has become loose.


Another reason why Bluetooth speakers might keep beeping is due to debris stuck on ports. If the debris or dirt is causing a disturbance while charging, it keeps beeping. 

If a faulty USB cable was not the problem, you should check the USB ports thoroughly. If there’s debris in there, take them out through tweezers.

In order to protect them from dust in the future, you can use cabinets where you can keep these if you are at home.

Make sure to use good quality woods for cabinets.

USB cable connected to PC

If you are using your PC to charge the speaker, it’s likely to cause the beeping problem.

That’s because the voltage or amps supplied by the PC is much lower than the suitable adapter.

So it makes the charging extremely slow. And many times it makes beeping sounds to alert you. 

Always try to charge the Bluetooth speaker with the charger/adapter that it came with.

Indicating Connection with Device

Most Bluetooth speakers are designed in a way to beep after connecting with a device. But this isn’t the case for all of them though.

Many speakers don’t make any noise after getting connected whatsoever. 

So if you’re hearing beeping noises immediately after connecting with the device, this is normal.

However, some Bluetooth speakers make less annoying beeping sounds. Cambridge Audio Minx Go is an excellent example here.

Indicating Low Battery

Low battery is the most common reason for Bluetooth speakers to keep beeping. We know how annoying this can get.

That’s because the intensity and number of beeps keep increasing with the charge draining out.

In these cases, the only thing you can do is charge up the Bluetooth speaker. Once it’s in charge, the beeping will go away if there aren’t any other problems.

Indicating Low/High Output Voltage

Your Bluetooth speaker is likely to make a beep when it’s connected with a lower voltage power source.

The perfect example is as we mentioned while connecting with Pc/Laptop.

Even if you are using an adapter with a lower or higher voltage than recommended, it’ll create beeps.

So if you hear a lot of beeping after charging and it’s not the previously mentioned problem, it’s due to improper voltage.

That’s why always try to use adapters with a voltage that is compatible with the speaker.

Indicating Completion of Diagnostic Test

This feature is packed into most of the Bluetooth speakers manufactured today. This beeping sound is initiated when the device is perfectly paired with any device.

This is to let you know that everything is going fine in there. You’ll notice this beeping after pairing.

Indicating Wake Up Beeps

There’re many brands out there that offer Wake up beeps in Bluetooth speakers.

These beeps are created after powering up the device. It says that the device is now ready to be paired up. 

This beeping sound can be heard a few seconds after turning the speaker on. This is not a danger alert or anything but it says that everything is fine.

So don’t get worked up if beeping occurs after a few seconds of powering up.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Speaker Constantly Beeping

Bluetooth speakers don’t last as long as normal speakers do. Non-Bluetooth speakers last longer.

But still, Bluetooth speakers have this unique feature of being portable. So no matter how annoying these beeps make you feel, don’t throw it out.

We can work it out!

Apart from the diagnosis, we did above, there can be constant beeping sounds too. The speaker keeps beeping constantly without any break.

This can happen due to connection problems, sticky buttons, or electrical interference. Furthermore, it can be outdated firmware or turned on voice prompts.

Let’s see what can be done to solve them- 

Clearing the Bluetooth Pairing List

The first thing you can do if there’s constant beeping is clear the pairing list. The way to clear out paired devices varies with each manufacturer.

The most common way is to hold the power button for 10 seconds.

After that, you need to delete your speaker from every device it was connected to before. This will clear out the pairing lists.

Reset Device

The next thing you can do is reset the speaker. If there were any connection problems then this will solve them.

The reset method is different for different brands of speakers.

Here’s how you can reset some popular Bluetooth speakers-

Polaroid/Blackwebb Bluetooth Speaker 

To reset the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker, remove all the devices that have been paired.

After that, you need to hold the power and Bluetooth button together. Hold it for 3 seconds and the speaker will be reset successfully.

Braven Bluetooth Speaker 

Braven Bluetooth speakers already come with a reset button in the back. So it’s really easy to reset them.

Just turn on the speaker and press the reset button. This will reset the speaker.

Bose Soundlink

Bose soundlink can be reset in a very simple way. In order to do this, press and hold the mute button for 10 seconds and it’ll be done.

Bose Soundbar 700

In order to reset Bose soundbar 700, press the power and skip back button for 5 seconds. This will reset the device after flashing lights.

Unstick Buttons

Bluetooth speakers are seen to make beeping sounds when the volume goes up or down.

It occurs when the buttons become sticky. In order to solve this, you need to unstick the sticky buttons. 

You can unstick buttons by holding the volume buttons for about 30-40 seconds. If this doesn’t work, you can press the sticky buttons continuously to get rid of it.

By sticky keys, we mean the button upon pressing of which the beeping sound occurs.

Replace the USB Cable

Many times, the USB cable is damaged at the socket or there is debris stuck on it. This can cause the constant beeping sound from the speakers. 

To find out if your USB cable is the problem, try another USB cable to charge it.

If the beeping sound goes away, then there was a problem with the cable you are using.

Here’s our recommendation for reliable USB cables-

Update Firmware

Firmwares keep the speakers stable and improve features. Most of the speakers get their firmware updates after a certain time. If the firmware is not updated, then it can cause a constant beeping sound. You can update the firmware in 2 ways. Let’s see-

Through PC/Laptop

In order to update the firmware via PC, you’ll need the speaker’s USB cable. Connect the speaker to the Pc/Laptop via the USB cable.

After that, go to the website of your Bluetooth speaker and you can find firmware updates there. Just click on update and your speaker’s firmware will be updated.

Through Mobile Application 

The second method to update firmware is done through a smartphone. The speaker you are using should have an application in the PlayStore or AppStore.

You need to connect the speaker via Bluetooth with your phone.

After that, go to the application of your Bluetooth speaker in PlayStore. You can easily find updates there.

Keep in mind that this is a second option.

Not all speakers have an application developed in PlayStore. But almost all of them have an official website for firmware and software updates.

Remove Electrical Interference

Another reason for this beeping sound is electrical interference. If you’ve already tried all the solutions, remove electrical interferences. That’s because this is causing the problem right now.

Electrical interference can be from the router, fluorescent bulbs, or even microwaves. To remove electrical interferences, follow these below-

  • Keep the router/microwave 4-5 feet away from the speaker
  • Adjust antennas accordingly 
  • Update the drivers that are used in the router 
  • Use a different router channel

Bu following these, you can remove electrical interferences that cause the beeping sound.

Why does Bose Bluetooth Speaker Keep Beeping?

Your Bose Bluetooth speaker may keep beeping if it has connecting or power issues.

In that case, you need to reset the speaker. If you have a Bose Soundlink, you need to press down the mute button for 10 seconds. After that, it’ll be reset.

Another thing you can do is delete the paired devices from the speaker. In order to do that, you need to delete bose speaker from all the paired devices. 

It also beeps when a new device is connected to it. Having low battery and fully charged batteries can also cause it to beep.  

Didn’t Work? Here’re Some Pro Tips 

The above-mentioned solutions should’ve already stopped the beeping sound. But if they are still making them, we’ve some pro tips for you. Let’s see-

Turn the Speaker Off while Charging

The charging process of Bluetooth speakers often malfunctions. This causes annoying beeping sounds without a faulty cable or debris.

So, that means that there’s no alarming problem rather a malfunction. To get rid of this, you can turn off the speaker and charge it.

Avoid Charging Through a computer

A computer cannot provide enough voltage to the speaker which it needs. For that reason, you should always use an adapter or charger that is compatible.

Never use an adapter that has a higher voltage than the rating of your speaker.

Are there Bluetooth Speakers without/customizable Beeping?

It’s quite hard to find a Bluetooth speaker without any beeps or boops.

That’s because it’s an important feature to its users. But, some have comparatively fewer beeping noises which are not annoying at all.

Here’s our recommendation for Bluetooth speakers-


Why does my Bluetooth speaker keep making a beeping noise?

Your Bluetooth speaker keeps making beeping noises due to low charge. This is the most common scenario for them to beep. However, it can also beep when it’s fully charged or after it has been paired with a device.


We hope we’ve been able to help you with “Why Does my Bluetooth Speaker Keep Beeping?” We tried explaining all of our solutions in the simplest ways.

Most importantly, make sure to diagnose why the beeping is happening in the first place.

Thank you for staying with us till the end. Feel free to ask any queries you have in the comment section.

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