6 Reasons Why Does My Record Player Sound Low Pitched?


Fixing vintage vinyl turntables is really dangerous. 

Because these turntables are really old, they might sound low-pitched. But there are ways you can fix the problems. 

So, why does my record player sound low pitched?

Your record player may sound low-pitched due to the slow turntable speed. Other reasons might be stretched belt, wrongly adjusted fine-tune, a not-free running belt, and many more. You can fix the belt, clean the turntable, fine-tune using knobs, increase the turntable speed, etc to fix this issue.

But wait, there is more to each reason. 

Below we have given the details on reasons and also the solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get in!

Reasons and Solutions for Low Pitched Sound

Understanding any electronic device might seem difficult for a person in general. But nowadays, digital electronics have made it user-friendly to use. But you need to understand an analog device. 

Analog devices are frequencies and different signals to transmit data. On the other hand, digital devices use binary technology. In binary, the data is represented by a bunch of zero and one. 

The turntable has a reader at the front of the stylus. This reader understands the groves on the disc and transmits sound through the drivers. There are some fine-tuning and things to consider before using a turntable. 

Below we have listed some of the reasons and how to fix them. So, check them out if you are facing this same problem as others. 

Slow Turntable Speed

Many ask, how to fix record player speed? 

In order to fix record player speed, you need to increase the speed of your turntable. You can turn the adjustable screws in order to increase speed.  Or else the sound can be low-pitched. 

Also, the song might sound sluggish or slow. So, how can you increase the speed of your turntable?


Taking the turntable to the professionals is the best thing to do. Since the turntables are analog devices, there are a lot of mechanical parts. And not having complete knowledge can ruin the machine. This is a common issue for which the Crosley record player sounds slow. 

But, if you are confident enough to do it yourself, bring the table down and check the back. Usually, some knobs can be used to increase or decrease the speed. It is an easy fix if your record player slowing down and speeding up. 

If there are no knobs, there might be screws behind the turntable to do so. The screw must be labeled as frequency speed.  

The Belt is Too Stretched

There is one main belt that controls the turntable. When the belt is too stretched or cracked, the speed of the turntable can get reduced. Many face problems with belt drive turntable speed problems. 

This will cause your belt too slack-y. This issue is one of the main reasons behind the stuck Crosley record players.

Although, sometimes the belt is too stretched. It is hard to fix then. In that case, getting a new belt might be the best thing to do. If you are looking for a new belt for your turntable, then check the links below. 

Both of these belts are compatible with many vinyl turntables. So, get which one is available. 

A broken or stretched belt is the main reason why a turntable can slow down. Slowing down or slow pitching are similar effects. 


If the belt has stretched out, you need to shrink it back. To do so, firstly measure the stretched-out belt. Afterward, soak the belt in boiling water. Keep it inside for 5 minutes. 

Lastly, take the belt out and take the measurement again. The belt should shrink a bit. If the shrinkage is not enough, put it in the boiling water again. Put the belt in the turntable and check if the sound is still slowed down. If so, shrink the belt a bit again. 

Issues with the Adjustment Controls

Modern music instruments and playing devices have a lot of controls and adjustments. So, if your turntable is considerably new, there should be tempo controls. The tempo controls or the pitch controls can be used to adjust. 

Below we have given instructions on how you can adjust the controls. 


To adjust the pitch, you need to figure out if your turntable has that control. If the turntable has it, that’s wonderful. There you might see negative and positive signs. The negative sign is to reduce the latency. 

If you want to increase the speed, twist the knob to the positive side. Many victorlas record players ask, how to fix victrola record player skipping? It can be fixed by adjusting the controls. 

Belt is Not Running Free

The belt is one of the main parts of the turntable. The belt moves the turntable disc, so it needs to move inside freely.

Source: vinylchapters

But usually turntable users are vintage players. And over a period of time, things inside can get broken. 

The chassis of the turntable is made of wood. The best wood panels are MDF or medium-density fiber. Also for best quality sound boxes, either Plywood or MDF are better.

So, if the belt is not moving freely. It will slow down the movement of the disc. 


To fix this issue, you need to open the turntable chassis. Inside you can find the belt which moves the disc. If the belt is touching anything, it will slow the belt down. Check if something is broken and falling over the belt. 

Move any wires or so if it is touching the belt.  

Many also ask how to fix a victrola record player?

In order to fix a victrola player, take the turntable out. After that, clean the motor with soft brushes. This should be enough to fix it. If not, you should take it to professionals.

Wrongly Adjusted Fine-Tune

Fine-tune adjustments are tough to do for general people. Wrongdoings in any fine-tuning can ruin the music experience. But sometimes fine-tune adjustments can help you get those speeds back in the playback. 

There are solutions when your master volume is not working. You can use audient id22 or apollo twin to control the volume and many more. 

Below we have given the right way to do fine tunes. 


Fine-tuning might seem hard, but it’s just adjusting some knobs. The knobs represent the different frequencies of the music it’s outputting. Start from the lowest frequencies to high frequencies. 

Rotate the knobs until the sound is outputting to your liking. When there are distorted sounds coming out of the driver, move the knob back to the place. High distortion can ruin the performance of the drivers. 

Keeping the Turntable Clean

Cleaning the record player is an important part of keeping your turntables functioning. Even micro dust particles can ruin the vinyl turntable. Especially, the stylus and the reader on the edge are most fragile to dust. 


Keeping your turntable clean requires a few things. Such as a carbon fiber brush, microfiber cloth, and rubbing alcohol. Also, using lubricants on hinges and moving parts. Lubricated parts will move and function better. 

You can also use glass cleaner wipes to clean the surface of the turntable.

Keeping the record player clean can also keep the victrola record player speed adjustment right. The same goes for wockoder record player slow. 


What are Adjustment Screws?

Adjustment screws are like knobs that control different settings. You’ll find some of the screws are labeled and are not tightened fully. Those are the adjustment screws used to fine-tune the turntable. 

Can I Fix a Broken Belt?

Fixing a completely broken belt is not possible. But belts that have just a few cracks and breakage can be fixed. There are rubberized glues that can be used to fill the gaps. But a belt that has split cannot be glued back together. 

Do Different Discs Run at Different Speed Frequencies?

Different types of discs run at different speeds and frequencies. The most common frequencies are 33, 45, and 78 rotations per minute. The rotation speed heavily depends on the type of disc you use. 


That’s everything you need to know about, why does my record player sound low pitched. 

The vintage vinyl turntables are really fragile, be careful while working on them. So, that’s all for now.

Enjoy your music sessions!

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