3 Crucial Reasons Why Is Mars Volta Vinyl So Expensive?

Fewer chances that you don’t get satisfied with the Mars Volta tracks! Their Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock, or even Post-Hardcore numbers are so soothing to the ears. And, if these are coming with vinyl records, fewer scopes are there to get over! 

But the cost might have kept you concerned. Some people say it’s totally worth it and some go past them. Getting to a conclusion is actually far-fetched.

So, let’s find out why is Mars Volta vinyl so expensive?

A great expansion in demand for vinyl records pushes the price to go higher. Meanwhile, there are a minimal number of manufacturers. As expected, if the supply is lower than demand, the price will increase. Shortage of labor force and production materials also makes its price elevate.

Still, we have several things to discuss in-depth yet. Here, we will be briefing each factor making Mars Volta Vinyl this expensive. 

Now, off we go!

Reasons Behind the Mars Volta Vinyl Records So Expensive?

Apart from the artistic value that Mars Volta generates, several reasons work as pushing factors. In this section, you will know the reasons behind mainstreaming the price spike overall. So, let’s step into exploring why is Mars Volta vinyl so expensive!

Reason 1: Demand Outplayed Supply

Let’s understand this from an economic perspective. Till you have got a desire for a specific item, it directly impacts the manufacturers. 

Simply, the more the public demand goes up, the more production will be generated. And, the desire to charge more from customers comes at the same time. 

According to the market demand, this supply-demand cycle is more vital than anything. In the meantime, we have been experiencing vinyl records have come back into fashion nowadays. 

The vinyl records add more elegance to the collector’s persona, you won’t find that while comparing Bluray Audio or SACD. Since its popularity also increased in the last few years, pricing also went up likewise. However, you can not ignore the competition among manufacturers too. 

If the same item is being produced by different vinyl record manufacturers, it leads to rivalry. Remember, they need to get your money! 

But competition like this forces them to keep the price lower to go grabbing money. 

However, we are not seeing this type of competition in a decade. As a result, vinyl records have got an inverse relationship between supply and demand. 

Meanwhile, the Mars Volta is carrying its supremacy of band music with such a legacy. Relevantly, you can’t expect a price fall of their vinyl in this market scenario.

Demand Outplayed Supply
Source: Clouds Hill

That’s the key to the story behind experiencing an ever-seen price spike. But wait a moment, this outrageous demand is not the end of the story. 

Reason 2: Record Producing Industrial Supply and Labor Deficiency

Since late 2019, a severe lack of labor and vinyl materials existing is a true fact. Things that you must need for creating vinyl records went extremely downward. And then, the global pandemic also puts nearly an end to this category. 

Also, let us tell you what! The lessening popularity which happened to house music also shares the same cause. 

Due to this pandemic, countless people went sick and lost their jobs related to vinyl records. As a result, keeping the current growth of production received threats. 

It caused troubles in supply chains too. Meanwhile, big names in the band history like the Mars Volta kept coming with records. At the same time, fewer productions were available in the market. 

As a result, what can it lead toward? That’s right! Massive deficiency of production and hardship in merging labor have brought the pricing scale skyscraping. 

Along with that, smaller labels and independent artists fail to press records. The extremely high cost of pressing is the key reason behind this. 

In the meantime, outrageous demands are still out there. And, labeling tents to rectify and every potential artist can’t press records. So, you are getting records of repetitive artists. 

Furthermore, the available labor force keeps pushing their salary ranges. Also, material lacking has also been a concern to the productions. On top of these, lead times for vinyl products require more time than previously. 

Also, the pandemic hurts the shipping industry a lot. By taking these issues into account, boosting costs and limiting labor are easy guesses.

Similar to these, you can see the result in the latest releases of the Mars Volta. They have dropped ‘Landscape Tantrums’ with a massive vinyl box set. As you could guess, this vinyl record has passed the previous pricing range indeed.

Landscape Tantrums
Source: Amazon

However, there are single copies available on amazon that you can get your hands on.

Consequently, you might find different types of vinyl records available in the market. So, wondering what are the differences between EP and LP? Deep inside, both types of vinyl have a lot of similarities indeed.

Reason 3: Increased Cost of Vinyl Records Online 

Purchasing vinyl records online has become much more popular after the pandemic hits. 

Since this pandemic outbreak, more than five vinyl records have been dropped from the Mars Volta. These are:

We already acknowledge the higher demand against the shortage of supply. Meanwhile, many e-commerce websites are available online such as Discogs and as mentioned earlier Amazon. 

Apart from collecting many orders, they charge shipping fees relevantly. As a result, the selling price goes multiples compared to the actual price nowadays. 

So, the obvious fact that recent dropping records from the Mars Volta won’t be any less. Now, you know why these records would charge much online. 

On the other hand, buying vinyl records from local stores is much more affordable. You might find each local record store different. And, these have got a different range of running costs along with pricing tiers. 

However, these Mars Volta vinyl are really expensive in stores too. That makes the customers pull their hair.

Still, each store would offer you a lesser price tag than sourcing online. The only way to minimize overall cost is to get your records from local stores. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Are The Most Valuable Vinyl Records Till Date?

At first, Wu-Tang’s “Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” hits the top of the list. It has a total value of nearly $2 million. The very next position is for The Beatles. Their white album has earned more than $790,000. At number 3, ‘My Happiness’ stands with a $300,000 value, sung by Elvis Presley.

Are The Vinyl Records Worth Enough For Investment?

You might not find each vinyl record very unique and rare. So, picking out the best one to invest in is crucial. Also, if you are not that passionate about it, investing here might be the wrong choice. With the proper combination of mastery and luck, very few people can outshine this field.

Is There Any Vinyl Shortage Currently?

Not at all. Vinyl record sales blasted from the first quarter of 2020. And, it continues till the first half of 2021. However, it doesn’t get constant popularity over time. Also, manufacturers become lesser in number currently to meet the renewed need. And, few workers are there to run these.

Final Words

Already you learn why is mars volta vinyl so expensive! However, some changes in its pushing factors might decrease this expense range. 

Still, the Mars Volta vinyl records with such higher pricing are worthy enough.

Left any queries to share? Let us know!

Nevertheless, Have fun with your vinyl experience!

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