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Write for Untrue Sounds – Submit Guest Posts

Audiophiles Assemble!

If you’re a music professional or dedicated audiophile, then this is your chance to spread your words.

We’re opening our ears to adding more superstars to our awesome list of contributors.

At Untrue Sounds, we write and publish articles that solve audiophile problems, share insights, compare models/brands, review products, and other things that are very dear to audiophiles. Here are a few topics that we’re looking content for-

  • IEMs and Headphones
  • DACs, Amps, and DAPs
  • Sound System
  • Musical Instruments &
  • Industry Overviews

How to Submit Guest Posts for Untrue Sounds?

We’re pretty open to any idea that goes with our existing articles. However, to meet our editorial standard, both the article topic and the content itself has to be approved beforehand. Here’s the process in a nutshell-

Step 1: Pitch The Topic or Take One from Us

Email us at with at least 2 topics that you’re interested in writing about. In case you have nothing in mind for now, we can pick a few topics based on your interest and expertise. Either way, email us, and let’s start talking.

Step 2: Write The Article and Submit

Write an original, in-depth article on the topic we mutually agree on(from step 1). You might be asked for a probable turnaround time. Once done, submit the content in docx, google doc. You might refer to your own website/channel/social media handle if you think that would add value to the content.

Once done, submit the article to

Step 3: Meet Our Editorial Standard

At this point, our editorial team will go through your article and make sure it checks all of the following boxes-

  1. At least 1000 words or higher wordcount.
  2. 100% original as per copyscape or quetext.
  3. Serves the intent of the keyword(topic), contain unique value and cater to the user properly.
  4. Is not scrapped, spinned, AI-written or anything of such sort.
  5. Has essential images(with source URLs) and videos within the article.
  6. Optimized for SEO.

The whole process might take from one to three working days. If we need any input from your end, you’ll be asked right away. In some cases, we might ask for an editorial fee.

Step 4: Get Published with Your Own Author Profile

Finally, once the editor is done tweaking your article, it’ll be published immediately. We encourage you to allow us to publish the article under your credit. Hence, an Author profile will be created under your name. You might be asked for a 30-words bio for the author profile. In case you’re not interested to reveal yourself, we won’t mind as well.

That’s it! In case you have anything else to know or start right away with the guest publication, email us at


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