Yamaha TSR 7850 Problems: Common Problems And Their Solution!

Has your Yamaha TSR 7850 been giving you trouble? Imagine after paying hundreds of dollars for a receiver it still acts up, pfft. 

But what can be done anyway right? Guess, a device no matter how expensive will always have issues at a point. 

So, are you seeking help for Yamaha TSR 7850 problems?

One of the major issues of Yamaha TSR 7850 is no sound coming from the device. Other problems include failure to see any video, power cutting off, or not connecting to Bluetooth. Most times they are easy to fix, all you need to do is check on some systems. Also, make sure your cables are properly connected.  

This is just a small summary of the problems you may face with the receiver. Want to know more about what to do when these problems occur? 

I’m here to help you. Let’s jump into it. 

Yamaha TSR 7850 Problems 

The Yamaha TSR 7850 series is quite robust, much like the LP12 Klimax, which encounters problems. But bug reports have still been found in both of these instruments.

I have gathered some common problems Yamaha users have been facing. I hope if you are one of them, you benefit from this. 

Now let’s have a look-

Problem 1 of 3: HDMI Related Problems

Multiple device connections have become simpler thanks to HDMI technology. These cables are the real unsung heroes of the home entertainment system. These cables are the reasons we have the rich audio and gorgeous images they transmit.

The entire system, however, may come to a halt or become blurry whenever these cables malfunction. What are the warning signs and remedies for a damaged HDMI cable that affects your Yamaha receiver?

Let’s have a look-

System Problems:

Systems may fail for a number of different reasons. For instance, the device might not respond at all or go into standby mode on its own.

These all happen because of HDMI cable malfunction. Let’s examine the precise situations you might encounter and how to remedy them.


When the HDMI device is turned off, the power does not always sync with the TV. Your device might not turn off due to a shortened speaker cable.

The short circuit is also to blame if the power comes on but immediately enters standby mode. When a cable is shorted, the protection circuitry often gets switched on. These issues could also be triggered by the power supply voltage.


The audio issues are a little more severe than the others. Numerous things could go wrong. The device may produce no sound at all, or the volume may not increase or decrease.

Even when the speakers do produce sound, there is an occasional hum or noise. Only the front speakers function, but the subwoofer makes no sound at all.Don’t mistake this as your subwoofer being too big for a room

The television or playback device is properly connected, but no audio is heard. The most common cause of this is a defective HDMI cable.


What are the video related issues of Yamaha TSR 7850? 

Having no video is only the beginning of video-related issues. Sometimes the HDMI device is incompatible with the images. In such cases, it’ll display “Contents Require an HDMI Device Compliant with HDCP 2.2/2.3.” Sometimes the video will stop mid-stream or the device’s menu won’t appear at all.
The culprits behind these video issues are HDMI device selection, cable malfunction, and HDMI signal compatibility.

HDMI signal compatibility
Source: Reddit

Problem 2 of 3: Wireless Problems

You can encounter Bluetooth, FM, and network-related wireless troubles with your receiver. These connections are primarily reliant on wireless. But the HDMI cable that initially links these devices also plays a significant role in this.


Among wireless problems, network-related ones are the most serious. Every now and then, the network malfunctions. Either the wireless network cannot be discovered or the device is unable to connect to the Internet.

The radio frequently cannot be played, and the iPhone does not identify the unit when using AirPlay. The firmware also faces problems regarding updates.

Updates are frequently postponed because the network cannot be established. There are instances when the media server’s (PC/NAS) files cannot be seen or heard.


Problems involving Bluetooth are a little easier to solve than others. Typically, the connection is not established.

But occasionally there are Bluetooth-related issues that lead to audio problems. When using Bluetooth, the sound is interrupted during playback. A disrupted HDMI cable connection is behind this.


The receiver experiences a number of issues when FM/AM radio reception is poor or noisy. The radio stations’ inability to be chosen automatically is a very regular problem. 

Sometimes radio stations cannot be saved as presets. Moreover, models for the United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, and Australia do not have the Am radio feature. Therefore, make sure to check your model before making any changes.

FM and AM radio reception
Source: Reverb

Solution to Problem 1 and 2:

Most conventional problems can be resolved by just inspecting the HDMI cable. This happens because HDMI ports are not extremely tight.

So the connections may become loose with time.Power problems are typically resolved by inspecting the wire connections and rewiring. 

But for other cases let’s check alternative methods for resolving HDMI problems-

Check The Selected Input:

You might have unintentionally changed the inputs or hooked a unit to the incorrect port. You can try alternative HDMI or components connections by scrolling through your input options.

Use HDMI Cables with High Speed:

HDR photos require a minimum 10.2 gigabit per second (Gbps) connection. An optimal speed would be 18Gbps. Make sure the cable you’re using can handle this by checking.

Some of the best and compatible HDMI cables for TSR 7850 are recommended below.

Be ensured that you’ll have high speed connectivity with Highwings 18Gbps High Speed HDMI. You can check the price on Amazon.

Another reliable and compatible option is JSAUX High-Speed HDMI. Check for availability on Amazon.

As another cheap alternative, the Capshi High Speed 18Gbps HDMI Cable won’t disappoint. You can check the price on Amazon.

Ensure Devices are HDR Compatible:

Multiple components are frequently used in home theatre systems. Make sure the receiver you use to connect an HDR-capable device to a TV  is also HDR-capable. Otherwise, your tv would be unable to recreate the brilliance of HDR.

Ensure Devices are HDCP Compatible:

Ensure your DVI device can support HDCP if you’re using a machine that needs an HDMI cable. This is due to the fact that if the older device is unable to accept the HDMI “handshake”.This conversion will probably be rejected in such cases.

Verify Your Video Settings for Resolution:

Changeable output settings may be available for some devices, such as Blu-ray players. This feature, however, does not always arrive at a sensible conclusion. 

Match your device’s output settings to your tv or projector to check if the picture quality improves.

Re-Sequence Your Turn-On Process:

Some gadgets require a specific order to be turned on. This could be related to the connections and the capability of your universal remote. Nevertheless, you might need to turn on your devices in a different order.  

Problem 3 of 3: Hardware Problems

One of the most prevalent hardware components that create issues with Yamaha TSR is USB. Extreme weather conditions like high temperatures have the potential to harm this hardware’s components.

Power surges from the main power line or an unregulated power supply may also be to blame.

The most typical USB issues are that the unit does not identify the USB device. Sometimes the files and folders cannot be seen. There are occasions when the device cannot play back files continuously.


This problem can sometimes be remedied by just turning it on and off. However, you must reconnect the USB while the device is off.

A USB drive with the FAT16 or FAT32 file system can also be used. This will result in better outcomes.

Always keep in mind not to save incompatible files in directories. Also, avoid using USB drives without encryption capabilities.

Hardware Problems
Source: CostcoCouple

Tips With Yamaha TSR 7850 

When any problem occurs these are the things you can look out for.

  • Make sure the power cable of the unit is connected to the TV or any other player into the AC outlet securely. 
  • The connectors are securely inserted in the respective jacks. 
  • The cables connected are of the respective sites. 
  • Always use a surge protector to avoid blowing up your receiver from overflow.

Yamaha TSR 7850 is a great device. Here’s someone who has an audio setup with this.

That is all. Now let’s jump to the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How Can I Connect the Yamaha Receiver’s Audio to TV?

By pressing ON SCREEN, choose HDMI from Setup using the Yamaha remote. Select ARC and enable it in the HDMI menu. By default, TV1’s AV4 input and TV2’s AV1 input are set up as the ARC inputs. In the receiver’s HDMI menu, you can modify this by changing the TV Audio Input setting.

Is ARC HDMI Preferable to Optical?

Yes, ARC is a better choice. Digital Optical only enables Dolby Digital and approximately 5.1 channels of lossless audio. But the ARC  supports up to 7.1 channels, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos.

Why Won’t the Surround Sound System from Yamaha Work?

The sound might not be audible due to an HDMI identification fault or TV software upgrade. First, turn off the TV and AV Receiver. Then disconnect all HDMI wires and remove the power cables. Connect the HDMI and power cords again after five minutes and check if the sound is working.

End Words 

Hope now you know all about the Yamaha TSR7850 Problems. The bugs sort of circle around each other and come back to the same place. Before sending your receiver to any service, maybe you could try it yourself. 

Who knows maybe you’ll love playing around with wires and jacks meanwhile? Have any of these mentioned points been helpful for you? Let us know in the comments.

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