Discover the Volkswagen ID.4’s Immersive Sound System in Its Full Glory!

The newly updated Volkswagen ID series has seen a generational leap in terms of what this SUV line had to offer. 

Compared to its previous iterations, VW has renewed the whole structure with electric power at the helm. So, with VW ID 4, you get a full-blown EV SUV that can go up to 230 miles!

However, if you are mostly concerned about the sound system of this beast, then don’t worry. By the end of this article, you will get to know every bit of detail there’s to know about this awesome six-speaker system!

Volkswagen ID.4’s Immersive Sound System

The major upgrade compared to its older version is the six-speaker system rather than the basic four-speaker system. While in retrospect, it might not sound that different when you think about two added speakers, it actually makes a night and day difference.

First of all, there was no rear speaker in the older model which was a bummer but now, with VW ID 4, they have added two rear speakers. That’s why compared to ID 3, you can now experience a wider soundstage and immersive surround sound.

If you are thinking that’s the only difference, wait till you get to know more!

VW ID.4 Audio System Configuration:

As mentioned before, the main audio system is based on six speakers, four on the front side and two on the back. In addition to that, there’s a central sound system as well which makes it a total of 7 speaker systems. 

All of the 7 speakers can deliver up to 140W of sound output (each speaker can deliver 20W). There’s either a 10-inch or 12-inch (depending on the model) infotainment screen which can be used to customize the EQ system.

With this infotainment screen, you can connect your Bluetooth devices and listen to any playlist you want. As the all-new VW ID 4 supports SBC and AAC codecs, the music is better with external sources.

Another great thing you can enjoy with VW ID 4 is the impressive radio clarity. The channels are versatile and can give you crystal-clear audio with proper customizations. If you are a car person that is fond of anything about radio then unbiased reviews and recommendations for radio-enabled sound systems are a must, right?

radio navigation

Now, let’s get on to the audio performance of these loudspeakers.

VW ID.4 Audio Performance:

The most surprising thing about VW ID4’s audio performance is that it delivers thumpy sub-bass with well-pronounced kicks. You will immediately notice the mids of any song easily. However, you won’t be able to hear the low-frequency sounds that well.

That’s why this system is not that great if you want to listen to the vocal nuances or orchestral instruments. What you can enjoy is the great mid-bass which fills the car with a lot of kick.

The addition of two extra rear speakers definitely helps to feel the sounds more clearly. While the four speakers in the front are located in the doors, it has a good level of audio output.

The positive side is that the higher frequencies are actually exciting and well-staged. It breathes more life into the songs and will surely make you feel good about the soundstage. 

The negative side of this speaker system is that you won’t always hear the voice clearly. It produces mostly average sound in the lower graph of the sound.

Overall, the soundstage, and clarity of Volkswagen ID 4 are definitely above average. While not having any dedicated subwoofer is clearly a downside, the sound production is enjoyable and vibrant enough for most people.

Volkswagen ID.4 Vs Volkswagen ID.3 Audio System 

If you are eager to know more about what changed in the current ID 4 and previous VW ID 3 models, then check out this comparison markdown-

FeaturesVolkswagen ID.4Volkswagen ID.3
Speaker system6 speakers and 1 central speaker4 speakers
Total power output140 Watts100 Watts
Surround SoundYesNo

Obviously, in most ways, Volkswagen ID 4 is the better choice without a doubt. Not only do you get a better speaker system but also the soundstage is wider and more immersive. So, if you have the budget, then there’s only one option that you should consider if you want the best sound output.

Volkswagen ID.4 Audio Upgrade 

If you want to know the options for an audio upgrade for your VW ID 4, then there are actually a lot of aftermarket choices you can look at. The most prominent speaker that car enthusiasts opt-in for is Focal IC VW 165. They are incredible if you can fit them into your budget!

These speakers come with dedicated cables and an installation guide for VW ID4. So, there’s no issue with compatibility and connection. 

On top of that, as VW ID4 has some negative reputation about the low-frequencies, you can add an external amplifier that will beef up your audio rig.

In most cases, the installation process for the tweeters or amplifiers is very easy. If you already have the right tools for your VW ID, then you can do it yourself without any expert help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I customize the sound settings in the ID.4’s sound system?

Yes, the ID.4’s sound system offers customization options, allowing drivers to adjust the audio settings to their personal preferences. This includes options for bass, treble, balance, and more.

Does the immersive sound system cancel out external noise?

Yes, the ID.4’s sound system incorporates noise cancellation and acoustic enhancements to minimize external noise, creating a quieter and more immersive cabin environment.

Can I connect my mobile devices to the ID.4’s sound system?

Yes, the ID.4’s sound system is designed to seamlessly integrate with mobile devices through Bluetooth or USB connections, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, or audio content while on the go.

Can I experience the immersive sound system before purchasing the ID.4?

Yes, you can request a test drive of the ID.4 to experience the immersive sound system firsthand. Visit your nearest Volkswagen dealership to explore the audio capabilities of the ID.4.

Final Words

So, have you understood all the features and configurations of the great VW ID 4’s sound system? Well, if you have any further concerns then the comments section is always available for a quick chat! 

Now, go on and get blown away by the awesome audio performance of the VW ID 4!

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