JVC Spiral Dot vs SpinFit: A Thorough Comparison!

Silicon ear tips give clarity to audio. But the confusion arises when choosing between the two giants in this factor, JVC Spiral Dot and SpinFit.

So, which is better JVC Spiral Dot vs SpinFit?

The JVC Spiral Dot’s a large bore size, whereas SpinFit’s regular fit. JVC Spiral Dot has shorter stems than SpinFit. However, SpinFit has average bass. But JVC Spiral Dot has good bass. Albeit SpinFit has better midrange, and treble than JVC Spiral Dot. But JVC has a better soundstage than SpinFit.

The above features giveaway many ideas. But let’s face it, you want the best ear tips for hearing music or watching movies. So, I will compare each one in detail.

So, let’s get started.

Quick Comparison

JVC Spiral Dot and SpinFit are two of the best ear tips available on the market. These two silicone ear tips are similar to each other. But they have significant differences too performance-wise.

However, ear tips won’t perform well without good earphones like KZ IEMs. So you need to keep this in mind. 

With that said, let’s see a quick comparison between JVC Spiral Dot and SpinFit.

Differentiating FactorsJVC Spiral DotSpinFit
Bore SizeLargeRegular
Stem LengthShorter than SpinFitLonger than JVC Spiral Dot
Vocal PresenceGoodAverage

Now that you know a little bit about these two ear tips let’s take a look at this graph for a quick glance: 

This comparison is very helpful. However, it isn’t enough for you to get a complete idea about the ear tips. Hence, in the next section, I will compare both ear tips in detail.

So, let’s jump to the next section for a head-to-head comparison.

Head-to-Head Analysis

Silicone ear tips can give a similar range of performance. But, the build quality and closure can change the narrative. So, what are the differences between JVC Spiral Dot and SpinFit? 

In short, there are many differences. In this section, I will talk about those differences. But first, knowing the difference between low gain and high gain is important. This is a crucial factor for audio output.

Source: klauseulenbach.de

So, now let’s start this head-to-head comparison.

Bore Size

Different ear tips come in different bore sizes. The bore size of the ear tips can isolate outside noise. It also gives a perfect fit for your ear. So, let’s talk about the bore size of both ear tips.

The bore size of the JVC Spiral Dot is large. It is great for isolating air and outside noise. But keep in mind that for many people, it won’t be a perfect fit. 

However, as the material is silicone, it won’t break or tear. So, you can pinch the ear tips and wear them.

However, the bore size of the SpinFit is regular. It means that it will fit in your ear regardless. However, it can leak audio if the silicone ear tips have some gaps in the ears.

Summary: The bore size of the JVC Spiral Dot is larger than the SpinFit.

Stem Length

The sound tube of the ear tips is known as stem length. Many prefer different stem lengths. Also, in many regions, the ear tips are sized as stem length instead of bore size. So, let’s talk about the stem length of the ear tips.

The stem length of the JVC Spiral Dot is short. You can expect an abundance of free space when you place the ear tips. Because the bore size of these ear tips is large. Hence, air can easily enter the ear tips. 

So, if you prefer ear tips with a shorter stem length then pick up JVC Sprial Dot. I prefer shorter ear tips, so I always go for these particular ones: 

On the other hand, the stem length of SpinFit tips is regular. The ear tips thus feel more compact than JVC Spiral Dot tips.

Summary: The stem length of SpinFit is longer than JVC Spiral Dot.


All silicone ear tips are soft in the material. But the inner sound tube can give different feelings. So, I will mention it in this section.

The JVC Spiral Dot feels soft and pliable. The inner tube is made out of rubber. You have to be careful with it. Twisting it too much can tear the inner tube.

Source: headpie.net

However, SpinFit feels soft and flexible. The inner tube is made out of silicone. Hence, it is less likely to tear even if you twist it.

Summary: JVC Spiral Dot feels soft and pliable. Whereas, the SpinFit feels soft and flexible.


We all agree that bass makes any music complete. The bass needs to be accurate. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy the music much. So, let’s talk about JVC Spiral Dot vs SpinFit bass.

The bass of JVC Spiral Dot is good. Because of the large bore and short stem, you get quick and precise bass.

However, the bass of SpinFit is average. It doesn’t have enough room for the bass to produce as accurately as JVC Spiral Dot.

Summary: JVC Spiral Dot produces better bass than SpinFit.


The raw and natural presentation of any audio can come from the mid-range. Mid-range also depends on ear tips for build quality.

Now, the JVC Spiral Dot can produce average mid-range. Whereas the mid-range of SpinFit is excellent for the symmetrical bore size and stem length.

Summary: SpinFit tips have far better mid-range than JVC Spiral Dot.


The treble makes any music lively and clear. Tuning the treble should be done neatly. But how do both ear tips influence treble?

The treble of JVC Spiral Dot is average. These silicone ear tips have short stems. As a result, the treble frequency has less room to produce.

Source: soundphilereview.com

However, the treble of SpinFit is good. With slightly longer stems, it has a better treble than JVC Spiral Dot.

Summary: SpinFit has better treble than JVC Spiral Dot.


The spatial audio pattern made available to the listener is portrayed by the soundstage. So, the soundstage is an important factor to consider.

However, keep in mind that without good earphones these ear tips wouldn’t work well. Now you could say I’m an earbuds connoisseur. So I know a thing or two about good earphones. 

From my experience I’ve found these earbuds to reign supreme on the market as of now: 

The JVC Spiral Dot produces an average soundstage. Albeit, the sound stage of SpinFit is slightly better than JVC Spiral Dot. Hence, the audio dimension of SpinFit is more versatile than JVC Spiral Dot.

Summary: The SpinFit has a better soundstage than JVC Spiral Dot.

Vocal Presence

Listening to music with clear vocals is a unique experience. Ear tips also have an impact on vocal presence. Thus, I will cover this segment for both ear tips.

The vocal presence of JVC Spiral Dot is clear and good. On the other hand, the vocal presence of SpinFit is average. 

JVC Spiral Dot is better because it has more space for the vocal to be clear.

Summary: The JVC Spiral Dot has a better vocal presence than the SpinFit.


Finally I will talk about the cost of both ear tips. The ear tips should be well within your price range.

The JVC earbuds cost more than $22. Whereas, all the SpinFit CP series cost $10-$15. Some of the best SpinFit ear tips from my experience are given below.

Summary: SpinFit ear tips cost less than the JVC ear tips.

That’s all regarding the head-to-head comparison. Yet, if you are still confused, move on to the next section. Because there I will give my final thoughts about the ear tips.

So, Which Ear tips Are Better?

So, which ear tips are better JVC Spiral Dot or SpinFit? Here’s a table for a brief overview: 

JVC Spiral Dot gives away a balanced sound and boosted bass. If you love bass in music, JVC Spiral Dot is an ideal choice then.

It also gives a good output from harsh earphones. But it costs more than SpinFit.

On the other hand, SpinFit is less airy and focuses on mid-range and treble. It gives clear audio of each segment.

However, it depends on your music taste and style to choose ear tips between these two.


What’s The Best Way to Protect My Earphones from Slipping Out?

To keep your earphones from slipping out, use ear hooks or over-the-ear/around-the-ear styles. These designs are better if your activities include lots of movement. However, choosing the right ear tip size can also do the trick. You should be careful with Bluetooth earphones otherwise, you can lose them.

What Is The Lifespan of Silicone Ear Tips?

The typical lifespan of a pair of silicone ear tips is roughly 3-4 months. The length of time your tips last is affected by your body chemistry (oils and earwax). Also, the atmosphere you use and store them in affects the lifespan. Always “prep the tip” to ensure that your tips stay the longest.

How Can You Replace The Silicone Ear Tips?

Firstly, to replace the silicone ear tips use your non-dominant hand to make the earphone stable. Then, With your index and thumb, pinch the top of the earpiece. You’ll see the connector there holding earphones and ear tips together. Lastly, the connection should be progressively removed. Thus you can replace the silicone ear tips.


That’s all regarding JVC Spiral Dot vs SpinFit. I hope all of your confusion regarding this topic is clear now. 

Here’s a tip, use software to tweak your audio. That way you can achieve your sweet zone for audio.

Have a good day.

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