Moondrop Variations vs ThieAudio Monarch MKII [A To Z]

Are you puzzled about choosing a better IEM? While getting higher specs and all? Worry not, you got you covered.

We have been finding the IEMs that carry the best specifications with sheer listening comfort.

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So, what are the differences between Moondrop Variations vs ThieAudio Monarch MKII?

Between moondrop variation and ThieAudio monarch MKII, moondrop variations highly provide loads of specifications. Meanwhile, from bringing aesthetic outlook to even sound quality, ThieAudio MKII has fewer competitors. In terms of build quality, ThieAudio Monarch MkII is also better.

However, more insight is required to come up with verdicts. So, spare us a few minutes to spill the beans. Why delay then?

Let’s cut to the chase.

Moondrop Variations vs ThieAudio Monarch MKII- Head To Head

Both are exceptional IEMs available in the market. However, some factors on Moondrop Variations vs ThieAudio Monarch MKII help you buy the ideal.

Ground of ComparisonMoondrop VariationsThieAudio Monarch MKII
Sound QualityGoodBetter
Build Quality And DesignUniqueTop-notch
Sensitivity118 dB108 dB
Impedance Level15.2 Ohm36 Ohm

Got a quick glimpse now? It’s time to move to the detailed comparison.

Build Quality And Design

The build quality and design are a must to observe when it comes to choosing earbuds and IEMs. Let’s go for details-

Moondrop Variations

If you have experienced using these two before, both of them highly consider material quality. Moondrop variations bring a large number of varieties in their build quality and texture. 

Varieties like Moondrop Kato come with exceptional stainless steel housing. From its in-ear monitors to even accessories, you will get amazed. 

Source: medium

Bringing stainless steel faceplates along with a resin cell containing transparent frost is top-notch. As a result, it will make you feel premium. Also, a handy vibe keeps it simple. 

Shell building of aesthetic silhouettes of the drivers puts Moondrop over other brands. Before buying this, simply look at the shell closely, and there you go! 

Every inch of detail will be visible. However, using IEMs is no longer uncommon. But this simple but aesthetic vibe will convince you to buy. Audiophiles often look for high and low gain headphones!

That’s not the end! 3D cubic patterns on the faceplate are also included in this medium-shaped headphone. So, no worry whether it fits your ears or not. Moreover, no itching or discomfort while touching your skin.

ThieAudio Monarch MKII

ThieAudio Monarch MKII comes with its giant resin body. This seamless headphone has one big difference from the Moondrop brand. That is, it offers a metal nozzle instead of a resin shell! 

Source: linsoul

However, coming with a metal nozzle can outplay any well-built headphones. Likely having resin or acrylic chips, no compromise of metal you will find here. 

Along with that, manufacturers of ThieAudio launch a flush-mounted process. However, you will not find any QDC cable to protect this system. In terms of pricing, 

ThieAudio may keep the higher range. But its body finishing highly statures the price indeed. Now, if you look at its faceplate, a burnt copper outlook can be visible. 

Canyons and crevices in it increase the beauty a lot more. As a result, the reflection is so eye-soothing while it catches the light.

ThieAudio Monarch MKII wins it over.

Sound Quality

For users, sound quality always matters, so let’s go, look out for the best one-

Moondrop Variations

A generative sense of air including an immense presentation represents the Moondrop variations. Meanwhile, you will be noticing its crispy treble display. 

Along with that, an efficient sub-bass reproduction is always there. And its across-the-board bass response is more heightened. 

Hearing out uplifting tracks will make you feel excited. Maybe you are tapping your feet! Meanwhile, having tribrids highly attracts eyeballs. 

Tuning perfectly all three distinct driver types is quite vital which it offers.

ThieAudio Monarch MKII

Who won’t love a jaw-dropping sound quality that leaves everyone hearing more and more? ThieAudio Monarch simply comes with this characteristic. 

Bringing a nice combo of sub-bass thunder, mid-bass translucence is an absolute pleasure when you hear. You will also get to enjoy its well-balanced open mid-range outperforming by a smoother treble. 

Also, it has got inch-by-inch details. Having a natural tonality but going unmuddied is a rare case in other headphones. And its separation along with imaging is beyond description!

Better sub-base response, controlled mid-bass, or even harsh metal sound cancellation- everything is on point.

However, this brand has got rivaled but not already surpassed. Your trust may get the best result out of it undoubtedly.

ThieAudio Monarch MKII wins over Moondrop Variations here.


Let’s look into the details of the two specifications-

Moondrop Variations

Moondrop variations come with a 10mm DD driver while having 2x Mid BA drivers. Its electrostatic treble carries good-quality resin made of stainless steel. 

Around 9 to 40 Hz, its frequency response stays at. Meanwhile, Moondrop impedance carries 15.2 Ohms and it serves 118 dB of sensitivity. 

ThieAudio Monarch MKII

ThieAudio Monarch MKII comes into the picture with a 2 pin carrying 0.78mm connector. Drivers including dynamic armatures and Sonion electrostatic types are there. 

The smart-switch-based plug containing a 1.2m cable length exists. 108 dB sensitivity also appears with a 36-ohm impedance level.

It includes a microfibre cloth for cleaning purposes. Also, you will get 2.5 or 4.4mm adapters for the 2 pin cable.

We have found Moondrop Variations coming with more specifications. So, it wins over the ThieAudio. Especially due to its specs, people wait for it with great enthusiasm.

Moondrop Variations vs ThieAudio Monarch MKII: Which One You Should Buy?

You have come a long way with us! It’s time to make a verdict so that the buying decision gets smoother for you. It’s alright if you can’t decide right away. Their are other Moondrop headphones you can tryout. Such as- Moondrop chu.

Let’s judge Moondrop variations first. Its top-notch transparency in the soundstage and wider imaging highly satisfy users. Not just an audiophile, it brings premium-graded build quality. 

So, outlook catches eyeballs even before buying it. Also, balanced adapters carrying efficient bass keep it at the top of the list. However, thinner and tinier midrange sections may often be found.

Meanwhile, compelling natural sound and exceptional sub-bass depth are the major benefits of ThieAudio brand

Including, it provides an incredible detail recovery, translucent sound, and outstanding presence of sound mixing. Anything we left? 

Yes, it’s the stunning faceplates along with cable and accessories that come as exceptional.

However, background listening may interrupt you in the long run. If your ears are smaller, these headphones may not fit.

ThieAudio Monarch MKII has got you covered with bass-fun and all-day comfort. So, our verdict will go for ThieAudio rather than pick the Moondrop.

Lastly, you can also explore FiiO M17 vs FiiO M15!


Will Moondrop Kato Be A Good One To Pick?

Yes, Moondrop Kato is a good one to pick. Apart from the listening experience, all you need is having a better-built quality. Interestingly, several designs are substitutable for each other parts. It holds a separable braided silicone cable. And you can switch it between the metal nozzles and brass.

Do Singers Wear IEMs And Why?

Yes, Singers Wear IEMs. In-ear monitors can cancel out outside noises. As a result, singers can introduce their ears to hear exactly what they want. However, producing sound in the ear while rehearsal in empty rooms will be very different.

Is Moondrop Blessing 2 Worth Buying?

Yes. Moondrop Blessing 2 is worth buying. Bringing a higher frequency response along with tonality introduces this brand as exceptional. And the dynamic driver nicely handles lower frequencies. So, this high-end multi-BA IEM highly deserves picking.

Final Words

Hopefully, you get all the details of Moondrop Variations vs ThieAudio Monarch MKII. This comparison will make you think deeply before buying. 

Also, you have now a decent idea of a perfect IEM while coming this long way.

Let us know if you are still confused.

That’s all for today!

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