TYGR 300R vs DT 770: The Ultimate Headphones Showdown!

Beyerdynamic makes one of the best headphones. But, what are the best Beyerdynamic headphones? 

While searching for that answer, you can be torn between TYGR 300R or DT 770. So, what are the differences between TYGR 300R vs DT 770?

Between TYGR 300R vs DT 770, the TYGR 300R focuses on gaming. Whereas, the DT 770 is made for music creators or casual listeners. However, the DT 770 has better noise isolation than TYGR 300R. Yet, the TYGR 300R gives more bass than DT 770. But, DT 770 has clearer mids and treble than TYGR 300R.

The bit of information is beneficial, but sadly it isn’t enough. There’s more to the comparisons for you to explore. But don’t worry! I compared them in detail for you!

So, let’s get started.

Quick Comparison

Listening to the dynamic range of audio is pleasurable. So, comparing TYGR 300R and DT 770 is vital. Likewise, the comparisons of FiiO FH3 and MoonDrop Starfield are vital.

With the aim of comparing TYGR 300R and DT 770, a quick review is given below.

Differentiating FactorsBeyerdynamic TYGR 300RBeyerdynamic DT 770
Main PurposeGamingMusic Creation
Headphone TypeOpen Back HeadphoneStudio Headphone
EarpadsVelour PadsLeather Pads
Cable Length1.6 m2.9 m
Weight10.2294 ounces8.78322 ounces
Noise Isolation PerformanceBadOne of the Best
Frequency Response Range5Hz-35,000Hz5Hz-35,000Hz
Impedance 32 ohms32, 80 or 120 ohms
Available Variety13
Price Range$160-$169$149-$159
Product LinkCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

There are more to the picture. So, in-depth comparisons of TYGR 300R and DT 770 are written in the next section.

So, let’s move on.

Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R
Source: TechRadar

In-Depth Comparison

The TYGR 300R took the whole world by storm. Here’s someone sharing their thoughts on TYGR 300R. 

But, how does TYGR 300R compete against DT 770? Well, let’s find out right now in these in-depth comparisons.


Headphones are built to serve a specific set of goals. Like, Razor aims to build gaming headsets. Whereas, Sony focuses on music or casual listening. So, let’s see what purpose TYGR 300R and DT 770 serve.

Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R is built for gamers. The TYGR 300R is capable to meet the expectation of gamers for an immersive audio experience. What makes TYGR 300R better than traditional gaming headsets is the feature. I will talk about the features later.

On the other hand, Beyerdynamic DT 770 is made for music creators or casual listeners. Music creators can pair DT 770 in the recording studio. The crisp, original, and flawless audio quality will surely impress you.

Summary: TYGR 300R is made for gamers. Whereas DT 770 is made for music creators.

Headphone Type:

There are several types of headphones. Over-ear, on-ear, and open-back headphones are popular ones.

Speaking of open-back headphones, TYGR 300R is one of them. The headphone is so good that they took the whole internet by storm. But is it actually good? Well, stick around to find out how this open-back headphone actually performs.

However, the DT 770 is an over-ear headphone. The DT 770 is made to block noises as studio headsets. Because these headphones need to be accurate all the time. 

Summary: TYGR 300R is an open-back headphone, whereas DT 770 is an over-ear studio headset.

Cable Length and Management:

What’s the most annoying thing about having a wired headphone or earphone? That’s right! The cable management. Let’s see how TYGR 300R and DT 770 address the issue.

TYGR 300R has a 1.6m wired 3.5mm headphone cable. The cable is durable and swappable nevertheless. However, if you want you can use this stock cable. It is very easy to manage the braided cable.

Nevertheless, DT 770 has a 2.9mm headphone cable. Managing DT 770 cable is hard. Because it is long and is made of rubber and silicone. So, they get entangled quite easily. However, you can complete a DT 770 cable mod to fix the issue.

Summary: TYGR 300R cables are easier to manage than DT 770. 


Headphones are basically used for an extensive time. So, with comfortable headphones, you can use them for hours. So, let’s see how comfortable TYGR 300R and DT 770 headphones are.

The TYGR 300R uses velour earpads. As a result, the earpads will perfectly fit and won’t put pressure on your ear. Yet, the clamping force of TYGR 300R is obnoxious. If you wear glasses, then it is one of the most uncomfortable earphones.

On the other hand, the earpads used in DT 770 pro are leather earpads. The earpads will adjust perfectly on your ears. You’ll have much space and most importantly, it will passively work as a noise isolator.

Summary: The DT 770 is much more comfortable than TYGR 300R.

DT 770 pro
Source: Huss Licht and Ton

Noise Isolation Performance:

Here, things will start to get spicy. Let’s be honest, we don’t want a headphone that ruins our audio by bad noise isolation. So, let’s see how TYGR 300R and DT 770 perform in isolating noise.

As stated before, the TYGR 300R are open-back headphones with velour earpads. So, it is self-explanatory that it won’t isolate noise that much. Let’s see a graph of TYGR 300R isolating noise.

Noise Isolation chart
Source: SoundGuys

As you can see, it doesn’t block outside noise that much. So, expect to hear traffic sounds or dogs of neighbors barking all the time.

So, you want a pure peaceful experience of listening to audio? Well, TYGR 300R isn’t the one for you. However, DT 770’s noise isolation is better than TYGR 300R.

The leather earpads, the quality of studio headphones, and the features make up for DT 770. Let’s see the noise isolation of DT 770.

frequency response range of DT 770
Source: SoundGuys

As you can see, the passive isolation will work like a charm. So, you can minimize the outside sounds like car horns, dog barking, or annoying neighbors shouting.

Sadly, both of the headphones lack the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature. 

Summary: The DT 770 can isolate sound better than TYGR 300R.

Frequency Response: 

To get the crystal clear sound, you need to have a good frequency response. Now, the frequency response range can be the same for headphones. But, in different scenarios how well they perform depends on the hardware.

With that said, the frequency range of TYGR 300R is 5Hz-35,000Hz. The TYGR 300R from Beyerdynamic provides precise audio throughout the whole audio spectrum. The bass is somewhat enhanced. 

The DT 770 isolation
Source: SoundGuys

As you can see, the bass is boosted for TYGR 300R. But, it isn’t similar to other gaming headsets. It ensures that audio throughout games is crisp and clear. One will not run the danger of missing the sound of characters during gunfire or explosions.

Thus, you gain an advantage in competitive online gaming. But, when it comes to music what should you expect from TYGR 300R? Well, identifying the rhythms of chords and softer elements in tracks won’t be too difficult.

But, how does TYGR 300R upholds in this segment for DT 770? Well, the DT 770 has the same frequency range as TYGR 300R. The frequency response range of DT 770 is 5Hz-35,000Hz. 

However, you need to power the DT 770 accurately to get the optimum output. Yet, in some tracks, the vocals can be loud. The bass isn’t enhanced like TYGR 300R.

DT 770s noise isolation
Source: SoundGuys

The graph shows that the DT 770 aims for an overall soothing sound. The highs can sometimes overshadow the mids. Nonetheless, well-mixed music will keep vocals and the majority of instrument sounds very well.

Summary: DT 770 will sound better for music. For gaming, TYGR 300R is better than DT 770.


The thing that characterizes a good headphone is the impedance. While higher impedance means better headphones, you need to tweak it. Lower impedance headphones can be used as plug-and-play.

So, the TYGR 300R has an impedance of 32 ohms. It isn’t an unusual case for gaming headsets. As most of us prefer plug-and-play. However, it offers a wide range of equalizing and tweaking. It is quite similar to the upgrades of MoonDrop Aria.

On the other hand, DT 770 has 3 variants. Those are 32 ohms, 80 ohms, and 250 ohms. So, what are the differences between Beyerdynamic DT 770 32 ohms, 80 ohms, and 250 ohms?

The difference between Beyerdynamic DT 770 32 ohms, 80 ohms, and 250 ohms is the sound quality. The 32 ohms of DT 770 is the basic plug-and-play. Whereas, the 80-ohm version is more suitable for monitoring and entertaining listening usage. However, The 250-ohm version is better for critical listening applications.

So, the DT 770 has more on its plate to offer for your needs. Choose the one wisely.

Summary: DT 770 has much more variety in terms of impedance than TYGR 300R.


The last crucial thing to describe is the price. Whatever headphones you buy, they should be well within your price point.

The price difference between TYGR 300R and DT 770 isn’t that much. The TYGR 300R can cost between $160-$169. You can check the price on Amazon.

Albeit, the price range of DT 770 is $149-$159. You can check for availability on Amazon.

However, you need an additional microphone with both headsets. That’s gonna cost more. Some of the best microphones for both headsets are given below.

One of the best overall microphones you can get is Logitech for Creators Blue Yet. You can check the price on Amazon.

For a cheaper yet reliable option, go for ZealSound USB Microphone. You can check for availability on Amazon.

Another great budget microphone is FIFINE Condenser Mic with Quick Mute. You can check the price on Amazon.

Summary: The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro costs less than TYGR 300R.

Source: Amazon

That’s all regarding the in-depth comparisons of TYGR 300R and DT 770 Pro. If you are still confused, then the next section is for you. I will tell you which headphone is suitable for you.

So, Which Headphone Should You Go for?

Before jumping to my recommendation, let’s recall the summary of Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R vs DT 770.

Between TYGR 300R vs DT 770, the TYGR 300R has worse sound isolation than DT 770. However, the TYGR 300R has boosted bass, which is perfect for gaming. Yet, the DT 770 gives away crisp, and accurate sound for music. Many music creators adore the DT 770 for the professional touch.

There you go, for gaming, you cannot go wrong with TYGR 300R. It will be effective in every situation of gaming. However, in terms of music, the outside noise can annoy and ruin your experience. As the noise isolation isn’t that great.

On the other hand, the DT 770 is a well-rounded headphone. You can experience the ultimate range of music or cinema audios. In terms of gaming surely it lags behind TYGR 300R. But for music creation or causal listening, the DT 770 is superior.

There you have it. Now you can choose a headphone according to your need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Main Things to Look at While Buying a Gaming Headphone?

The main thing to look at while buying gaming headphones is the earpads. Because you will wear the headphones for a long time. Also, wired headphones will give you faster output than wireless ones. Moreover, go for a headset with good microphone. Or else your teammates will hear distorted noises.

Can a Regular Headset be as Good as Gaming Headphones for Gaming?

No, a regular headset isn’t as good as gaming headphones for gaming. Because you need to have deeper bass and lighter treble for gaming. Otherwise, you will suffer on online gaming platforms by hearing unclear enemy footsteps. Albeit, regular headphones can work too if spatial audio isn’t needed.

What’s the Ultimate Sign of a Good Headphone?

The ultimate sign of a good headphone is the build quality. Sure, the audio quality matters the most. But, if the clamping force is too strong you’ll feel uncomfortable. A sign of good headphones is when you forget to wear a headphone. Because of the light weighted build, you’ll feel good.

Is Surround Sound Good for Gaming?

Yes, surround sound is good for gaming. You can hear the enemy’s footsteps, gunfire clearer. Also, it enhances the cinematic experience. The versatile sound system will surely be beneficial. To get that, the 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound will work perfectly. Companies like Razor implement this.


With this I conclude the TYGR 300R vs DT 770 comparisons. Hopefully, now you’ll get a clearer idea to choose one that suits you.

Here’s a pro tip, using an amplifier with high impedance headphones works magically. You can enhance the frequency, mid, treble, bass, etc. accordingly.

Have a great day! Let me know in the comment section for any queries.

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