SMSL Remote Not Working: Identify and Resolve

You bought a sound system to hear some smooth music. But what if you pressed the remote button and there was no response?

This can make you feel really frustrated.

You might be wondering, “Why is the SMSL remote not working?” 

A loose battery, weak IR signal port, etc. can be the reasons why the SMSL remote may not work. If there’s any obstruction between the remote and the device, then the remote won’t work. Not removing the plastic cover from the remote can cause interference in the signal.

SMSL remotes can be prone to a lot more minor problems that can eventually make them malfunction. We’ve prepared a detailed guide for you so that you can fix it. 

Let’s have a look!

The Possible Reasons Behind Remote Issue

Your SMSL remote control won’t just make a fuss without any reason. 

Because of some specific issues, the remote can create problems. And most of the time you may not notice these issues. 


Let’s see what are the probable causes of SMSL remote control problems

Reason 1: Problem with the Battery

Frustrated, and out of options, you might be wondering:

Why is my remote not responding?  

One pretty common reason for the remote not working is the battery. A battery that has run out of juice will obviously make no move to work anymore. Moreover, the connection of the battery with the remote may get loose as well.

These reasons directly impact the responsiveness of the remote.

Reason 2: Weak IR Signal

If the IR signal of the remote becomes weak, the remote will make issues. 

Every remote has an IR signal emitter. When you use the remote, this port sends the IR signal to the SMSL drivers

If this port gets damaged, the IR signal it sends can get weaker. 

There’s even a possibility that the IR signal is not emitting properly. You’ll find that your SMSL DAC is not giving any responses to the remote.

It’s somewhat the same as a malfunctioning remote subwoofer control.

Reason 3: No Clear Line of Sight

Any form of obstruction that can interrupt the signal from the remote to the audio device can render the SMSL nonfunctional. Blocking the signal makes it impossible for the remote to send any form of signal to the designated device.

The IR signal remote sends, can not pass through solid objects. Thus there has to be a clear line of sight available. Between the remote and the device obviously. 

So, if this line of sight is not clear, the signal of the remote fails to reach the device. 

Eventually, your device won’t operate and you might think that your remote is dead. 

Reason 4: Wrapping the Remote with Plastic Envelope

Your remote may not work because of the extra layer of plastic around it. Almost everybody fails to notice this issue. 

Typically, every new remote comes with a covering. A manufacturing courtesy perhaps. 

This plastic layer is supposed to be disposed of. Unfortunately, people forget that. Or, some just keep it so that the remote stays clean.

As a result, the plastic cover becomes a prime concern. Because it can hamper the signal of the remote.

Not only that. Sometimes, you may use different types of remote covers. The problem is that sometimes these remote covers can have a faulty design. They can be too much thick to cover a remote. Ultimately, the signal of the remote gets blocked and stops working.

Structural Defect

It can also happen that the SMSL remote you got is already a defective one. 

This can be a manufacturing error. Or, by using overtime, the structure of the remote can get damaged. If such happens, then it’s probably best to not expect much from your SMSL remote. 


There you go! These are some probable causes of your SMSL remote not working properly.

Similar problems can also be noticed when it comes to issues with corsair void pro.

How to Fix The SMSL Remote?

Technically, the SMSL remote is well known. From SMSL SU-9 to SMSL DP1, the remote is used with a variety of devices.

Thus if there is any problem with the remote, the situation can get pretty messy.

Here’s what to do if your remote isn’t working

Solution 1: Give Manual Reset

If your SMSL remote is creating issues, then you can give a factory reset. It’s a general countermeasure you will find in the user manual. 

To give factory reset to the SMSL remote:

  • Remove the batteries of the remote.
  • There should be a power switch at your remote. Locate it.
  • Long-press the switch
  • Put the batteries back and turn on the audio device.
  • Keep the button activated.
  • Soon you will see the symbol of the SMSL audio device on the screen. This way, you will be able to alter your SMSL remote.

You can even press and hold the ‘c’ button of your remote as well!

Solution 2: Clean the Button Membrane

If the buttons of your remote are not working, don’t worry. You can clean the button membrane of the remote. 

Remove the batteries. Then open the back panel of the remote. You’ll find a green remote membrane. 

Take a rubber and gently rub over the membrane. This way, the dust gets removed from the membrane. You can also use electric paint to fix the remote.

Remove the Plastic Layer

Don’t forget to remove the plastic layer! As said earlier, this layer hampers the signal of the remote. 

So, after buying a new remote, remove the plastic cover. This way, the remote won’t create any problems while used.

Similarly, try to avoid using remote covers. Although they may keep your remote neat and give a classy look to it. 

At the same time, the remote may not operate properly. After all, the covers can be thick enough to block the signal of your remote. So, try to avoid such covers.

Keep a Check on the Batteries

Check the batteries of your remote. Since batteries wear out over time. 

Get rid of outdated batteries as soon as possible. Spoiled batteries not only disable the remote. Sometimes, it can damage the structure of the remote.


Also, don’t leave the batteries loose. Thus, change batteries frequently.

SMSL remote uses AAA batteries as its source of power. For a long-lasting battery with maximum power supply, try these recommended AAA batteries:

These batteries will provide a long runtime for your SMSL remote.

There you go! Keep these things in mind. Using either Cirrus Logic or Realteck with your SMSL remote won’t be a problem!


Can I Use AA Batteries for My SMSL Remote?

No, You can only use standard AAA batteries for the SMSL remote. It’s true that there are many remotes out there where you can use AA batteries. However, the SMSL remotes can operate with an AAA battery. The battery slot of the remote is built that way. Thus you will need a couple of AAA batteries.

Can I Pair My SMSL Remote with SU-9?

Yes, you can pair your SMSL remote with Su-9. SMSL remote works just fine with SU-9 and Su-8 decoders. Turn on the power. Locate the power button. Then press and hold the button. Wait for a while. After a while, you will see the SMSL symbol on the display. That’s the way your SMSL remote will connect with the decoder.

Which Devices are Compatible with the SMSL Remote?

You can use SMSL remote with decoder, amplifiers, headphones, and whatnot! If you are a decoder guy, you can use the SMSL remote with the SU-8 and the SU-9 decoder.

The remote can also be used with the SH-8 amplifier for headphones. Ad18 and DA-8, these power amplifiers are also controllable.

Last Words

That’s it, fellow SMSL user. Now you know why the SMSL remote not working.

Your remote is still making a fuss? Don’t worry. The SMSL got experts out there. They can surely help you!

Goodbye then. Have a great day!

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